Jurassic Park Playing Cards

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Ellusionist worked closely with Universal Studios and the Jurassic Park franchise to ensure every detail roars with nostalgia, like it was plucked directly from the park itself.

Designed with the 1993 park in mind, each deck is crawling with easter (dino)eggs every Jurassic Park fan will know and love.

Printed on Cartamundi's famous B9 card stock, this deck will add some nostalgia to your magic, cardisty or card games.
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  1. Adam

    The cards feel great and the design works really well for a lot of things. The tuck case is abysmal though, and mine has already ripped within a few hours despite being EXTRA careful when opening it. It's a great deck that's let down by its horrible tuck case construction. It's a shame, because the design of the tuck case is beautiful, the subtle eggshell embossing is fantastic, as well as the couple of little easter eggs on there, but the opening flap is easily the worst feature. It makes no sense why they didn't go with a traditional opening flap for it.
  2. Jonathan

    Amazing cards, they feel butter smooth. I would recommend to any fan of the franchise such as myself. I would absolutely love to see a Jurassic World deck, with the new animals such as the Indominus Rex, and Indoraptor. To someone who doesn’t love the franchise or doesn’t like it at all. These cards may not be the best for you. They’re more for the hardcore fans.
  3. Summary

    Cards are great but the tuck box is a pain. The die cut back looks super nice but the folding top can't open without ripping the back. The ace of spades felt kind of off from the style of the jokers and face cards but, all in all, nice deck.
  4. Summary

    Knocked down mostly for the annoying tuck design. It's a pain to open initially, and just feels like a piece that's going to get ripped at some point. The cards thenselves are nice enough, although the (very slight) one way back design is annoying. Court cards are a matter of taste, but I imagine a lot of people won't care for them. Jokers gave me a chuckle, though!
  5. Summary

    Great cards love the design,the tuck opens from the top and is
    a bit fragile. I did a review on this deck on my Youtube channel.
    You can check it out here..