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A card is selected, signed, then mixed back into the deck. Standing on one side of the window with the spectator, you ask them to push the cards up against the glass and mix them around in a jumble, holding them against the glass.

With the spectator holding the cards on the glass, you walk around to the other side.You pause. You know that the effort you put into showmanship here is going to pay off in a few moments. Confidence is like blood running through your veins.

Creator Sean Beard has happened upon a gem of visual magic that allows you to pull a card through glass with no setup.

You tap on the cold, hard glass to emphasize the impossible nature of what is going to take place. You lower your hands and seemingly begin to extract one card-- slowly-- from the scatter that the spectator is pressing against on the other side. To the spectators, it actually looks as if the card is sticking half way out of the glass... it takes genuine effort to pull it through.

There is a reason we call it Surgical Card Through Window. It looks like slow surgery on a plain slab of glass. The card is SLOWLY turned over-- it is in fact their signed, selected card on the other side of the window.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Because when you turn that card over you are going to be watching one.

"... she told me she could feel me reach through the glass."
- Brent, Halifax, N.S.


" Nothing compares to it ... an absolutely wonderful, wonderful masterpiece."
- Dave Wiltrout : Valencia, PA


" Sean Beard has come up with THE perfect card through window. Sean, my friend... you sir, are a genius. "
- Sean : Orlando, FL
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  1. Summary

    I got this years ago and I still use it. My favourite CTW. Its got everything you need and it gets people every time.
  2. Summary

    This effect is insanely visual, and Garcia's teachings are absolutely flawless. He covers every angle, FROM every angle. It's an awesome effect that, with a little practice, will shatter the minds of anyone who sees you perform it. 5 stars all the way. The subtleties are what make this trick amazing. BUY IT.
  3. Summary

    Very ingenious method! Straight forward effect and the secret is...well, its a good secret. The reaction of the audience is the real pay off!
  4. Summary

    This is a fun and easy trick to perform and Daniel's teaching is perfect as usual. It may be difficult to find good areas to perform this but it is great when done right.
  5. Summary

    This effect blows people away, totally awesome. Wish I would have purchased this sooner. Buy it now, you can't go wrong!
  6. Summary

    this trick is so great......,,,,,,, and easy,....,,,,
    THe instructions are easy to follow
  7. DAMNNN!

    THIS TRICK IS AMAZING!!! after a bit of practise this trick becomes unimaginably amazing! it was not been fuigered out yet!
  8. Does Exactly What it Says

    I'd only been practicing magic a few months when i bought this and not through lack of practice but lack of confidence i didnt perform this trick for fear of revealing it brilliance and not delivering its effect to its potential. However a few months on and i absolutly love this trick, people just cant believe whats happening infront of their eyes, the whole process seems so fair and yet there you are pulling the card through glass, absolute genious. I really would recomend this trick to anyone, except to younger teens mabey (i am no expert though), even if you are not an accomplished magician its really not hard to learn and if by chance you did find it difficult you still have the trick and get set it as a goal you would like to reach and ones you do, you have yourself an unparraleled impromtu card through glass trick.
    Thank you ellusionist, you guys have done a great job.
  9. Reputation Maker...

    This trick has got to be my all time favourite. Did it in hospital and the doctors just stood there in awe...
  10. cards stronger than glass

    First word that came over my mouth "Mind Blowing,".The best card trick i've watched and learnt so far. work every where any place (near a window). Amaze every one that watched this card trick.