Keepers Double Backers Deck

Keepers Double Backers Deck
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Keepers Double Backers Breakdown:

4 x Green/Green

2 x Green/Red

2 x Green/Blue

19 x Red/Red

19 x Blue/Blue

10 x Red/Blue

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  1. Summary

    Bought these with my green keepers and I love them. However, do we really need 19 blue/blue's. Cut it down to 10 and include some blank face cards.
  2. Summary

    These appear to be printed on the Cartamundi B9 stock. They will match your green Keepers, but will be thicker than the card stock used in red and blue Keepers.
  3. Summary

    Glad these are out! Haven't bought them yet, but will when I restock on Keepers. If we can get some double face cards and some blank face cards, I'll use Keepers as my full-time working decks. I promise.