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IMPACT OF LEVITATION: the performer talks about harnessing power from the earth. He asserts that a technique has been found to levitate from the ground - just a few inches - and they will see this happen visibly.

The performer is seen to rise three to four inches- and hover- momentarily. He immediately walks forward to the spectators and they can examine his feet, shoes, and anything about him - there is nothing to find because there IS nothing.

There is no surprise element - you TELL the spectators that you are about to levitate, then they watch you DO it. This is not the Balducci, Zero Gravity or any other.

  • Learn the levitation that compliments the Balducci
  • Get Corey Kings' detailed notes on King Levitation
  • Get tips and tricks from Brad Christian

Additional features on DVD:
RT Showmann performance techniques after field testing King Levitation extensively.

The DVD stars acclaimed teacher and founder of Ellusionist Brad Christian. Watch as Brad takes you through all the ins and outs of this superb levitation and teaches you how to do it step-by-step visually. Remember you will be creating the illusion of levitating, you will not really be levitating.
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  1. I love this levitation, it is impromtou easy and has huge reactions

    I love this levitation, it is impromtou easy and has huge reactions
  2. Simply amazing...

    Simply amazing and so easy to perform both. Feet visually come of the ground. Brad explains the trick so well... will blow everyone away.
  3. This levitation is AMAZING

    This levitation is AMAZING its so simple but it blows the spectators away.
  4. King Rising blew away, and I...

    King Rising blew away, and I mean blew away, all my freinds, it requires absolutely no gimmicks, or contraption to levitate, wich makes it the ultimate levitation.
  5. can be done quickly

    The good thing is that there are NO gimmicks involved, it can be done quickly, and you see both feet clearly coming off the ground (Not so with other levitations), the only bad thing is... well, I can't think of anything bad about this.
  6. Might just make your reputation

    Might just make your reputation
  7. ... I love it.

    What a simply beautiful secret it is. Congratulations... I love it.