King Slayers Playing Cards

King Slayers Playing Cards

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  • Desert Storm King Slayers ($10)
  • Royal Mustard King Slayers ($10)
  • Violet Thunder King Slayers — Out of stock.
  • Ghost White King Slayers ($10)
  • Sky Blue King Slayers — Out of stock.
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Printed on Luxury Pressed E7 stock by Cartamundi.
The same great stock you love from Blue Cohorts & Lost Angelus Republics. 

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  1. Summary

    Bought a 1/2 brick of the Ghost White...NEW FAVORITE DECKS for sure! You just have to love the feel of that E7 stock! Also what a beautiful minimalist design, I definitely understand the King Slayer hype now, im in love
  2. Scot

    These cards feel like butter! Straight out of the box these cards are so fun to handle. I bought a brick of the the lavender and a brick of the sky blue. If you are a worker you'll appreciate the zero "break-in" time. The jokers are beautiful in their minimalist design, and the colors are exactly as represented in the ad photos. I highly recommend and will be buying them again.
  3. Summary

    The perfect deck of cards
  4. Nicholas

    I think this is my favorite Deck of Cards. They feel so amazing right out of the box and I love the look of the Sky Blue. Simply amazing. I've had them in my hands all day. I just can't seem to put them down ♠️