Knights Playing Cards


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Customer Reviews

  • by Ty gaddy

    Sep 2017

    Just got brick. Ramsey and Madison did a great job with the pips, back design, tuck case, and most of all great stock.

  • by Jon

    Sep 2017

    Love these cards. I actually just got into magic about a month ago and purchased these, I wanna say, 3 weeks ago. Loved the fact that they're marked (helped me impress people as a beginner). They handle beautifully, but after a while the designs on the back kind of fade giving the deck a dirty look to it. But other than that I love these cards

  • by Marcelo

    Sep 2017

    I myself am a HUGE fan of chess, so the fact that my two loves came together as one really excited me. I'm in love with the tuck case and the gold on the back and "red" cards. I really wish the system showed suit but its still amazing! Great job as always Chris and Daniel