Knights V2 Playing Cards

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The Knight is the most unpredictable piece on the chessboard Gold foil tuck box, clean crisp design Madison and Ramsay teamed up to bring you the luxury pressed E7 Knights V2 See the Beauty in this deck of playing cards A few surprised lay in wait on the back design, can you figure it out? A marking system like none you've ever seen, almost invisible It's your move, pick up  a brick of these amazing custom playing cards.
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  1. Summary

    One of my all time favorite decks. The E7 stock springs like warm butter and will make “feels like the first time” play in your head. The gold is so tastefully placed and has a nice reflective quality to it without being overbearing. The art, beautiful. The marking system ingenious and highly usable. The tuck is gorgeous and just gets better when you open the box. Truly a superb deck for every reason.
  2. Daniel

    This deck is awesome, I love everything about it, especially the golden pips and details. Also, the marking system is fantastic.
  3. Summary

    Wow, these cards are just awesome. They handle really well, even when straight out of the box. And the Marking-System is absoluty genius. Recommend these cards highly. Great work!!!
  4. Summary

    Great design, feeling and stock
  5. Summary

    Top three decks I've ever bought in my career. Great art and the pics do not do this deck or the box justice. They look even better in person. Worth every penny.
  6. Summary

    This is the best deck I own. Beautiful artwork, and an incredible finish. They feel fantastic, look fantastic, and are inexpensive for the quality you get. Chris and Daniel did great on this deck.
  7. Summary

    I love this deck of playing cards, and my opinion this is probably the best deck that Daniel Madison and Chris Ramsay have ever made.
  8. Summary

    Some of the best cards I own, classy design and great feel
  9. Summary

    Just got brick. Ramsey and Madison did a great job with the pips, back design, tuck case, and most of all great stock.
  10. Summary

    Love these cards. I actually just got into magic about a month ago and purchased these, I wanna say, 3 weeks ago. Loved the fact that they're marked (helped me impress people as a beginner). They handle beautifully, but after a while the designs on the back kind of fade giving the deck a dirty look to it. But other than that I love these cards