Invisible Elastic Band Loop

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Invisible Elastic Bands are capable of creating an array of effects not only possible, but very practical. This miracle maker can be on you at all times and your hands stay totally clean after each effect allowing you to repeat the effect as many times as you wish.

The materials given to you that allow you to do things that are unimaginable. They are the most ingenious (yet inexpensive) magic prop of this century, and we recommend them any close up (or even stage) performer. Pick up some along with Guerrilla Guide to Using Loops to enhance the use of your Invisible Elastic Bands.

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  1. Summary

    Don't leave home without it! I always have one around my wrist and ready to go. It's great to see people's faces/looks when you pull something like this out of no where!
  2. Summary

    This is a utility I never leave home with out right there with my cards and rubber bands. Prefect for PK effects. They can be a little hard to get use to at first but after a few times they shouldn't give you much trouble.
  3. Summary

    Really fun product. The moving fork is amazing and people will just stare at you in shock. I recommend it to all skill levels. 4/5 because they break easily, but if you are careful and take care of them you will have some pretty amazing magic in your hands.
  4. Summary

    Broke one already, gonna try the haunted deck hopefully they will last. Seem to be decent tensile strength.
  5. Summary

    This is an OK product. I'm not going to lie and tell you I love them because I really don't. I was slightly disappointed with these. I have been using the Mesika loops for about 3 years and I love those. I expected these to be exactly the same but they're not. They easily catch glare and are not nearly as elastic as the Mesika's, but never the less I can use them to practice.
  6. Summary

    Absolutelly Great ! I Recomended Ellusionist for all, Thank You
  7. Summary

    Loops are awesome to work with!! Need to take the time to learn how to stretch them and how to effectively use them other wise you'll break them and you'll think you're wasting money. Great tool to have, walk around and you'll find many ways to use them.
  8. Summary

    The tricks you can do with loops are limitless I love them
  9. Summary

    I have to say that these bands are my absolute favorite. I have worked with IT before in the past and love the possibilities that they make possible, but it was always taking time to rig yourself up. With these bands I simply slip it on my wrist and I am out the door. I wear them every where and can at any time amaze someone in any impromptu situation.
  10. Loop Troubles?

    If your having problems with the loops breaking or troubles hiding it get loops volume 1 by Nate Kranzo. Volume 2 with Daniel Garcia will give you a little better detail on how to hide loops.
    Volume 3 Justin Miller will give you the most mind blowing effect you can do with loops and probably one of the easiest to do in my opinion. So if you are having issues using these get the guerilla guide to loops!