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The traditional Card in Bottle plot has a problem. The card can't be signed, the bottle has to be pre-loaded and the reveal is getting the spectator to 'discover' the card at the end of the routine. In short - it's a trick that misses the mark.

Laura London however, doesn't miss.

The incredible thinking behind this effect manages to tick every box for the ultimate on-the-spot performance. The card is signed. The magical moment is instant. The spectator is left with an impossible souvenir.

This is the effect that Laura uses to close every show - and it's the reason why she's booked solid for months in advance.

A card is selected and signed by the spectator. The spectator replaces the card anywhere in the deck and shuffles the deck themselves. The deck is spread on the table and the spectator verifies their card is still in the stack.

The deck is picked up and INSTANTLY smacked against the bottom of an empty bottle -- BAM! Their signed card has penetrated through the bottom of the bottle in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment. The card-in-bottle can now be given out as a souvenir.


  • • Card is Signed by Spectator
  • • Card is genuinely lost in the deck - No sleight of hand required
  • • Spectator can shuffle the cards themselves
  • • Spectator verifies the card is still in the deck
  • • Card appears instantly - VISUALLY - in the bottle
  • • Both Gimmicked and Ungimmicked versions taught.

Laura teaches two versions - gimmicked and non-gimmicked, as well as multiple presentation ideas. The gimmicked version makes practicing much easier and leaves the spectator with a clean, better looking, impossible souvenir.

Difficulty: Beginner
Format: Download
Duration: 10 minutes
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  1. Summary

    Totally AWESOME!!! One of the best "packs small plays big" effects I've seen in a very long time! Well worth every penny!
  2. Summary

    Was always curious as to how it was done... now I know. Very well explained and different types of cards to use to make the card more ridge and unable to take out.
  3. Summary

    The visual reaction to this trick is total and instant amzement by the audience.
    I always watch the faces of onlookers to guage a more positive valuation, other than wtach those of a selective person who is being shown the trick.
    For me it was an instant decision to place an order for Card in a Bottle, and although I have not yet perfected it for my own satisfaction, I know the results will be nothing more than positive, when shown to new audiences.

    Laura has perfected something special here that baffles the mind instantly, but knowing the secret, it is oh so very simple, yet perfection must be gained by the beginner to achieve the same result as Laura.
    An excellent Trick, and one I am glad to include in my repetoir, thanks to
    Thank you Brad for an exceptionl service of magic in all departments.
    Sl;eep warm
    Clive Mainwaring "9th August 2013
  4. Summary

    Cool trick, and catches people off gaurd. Do yourself a favor and spend money on the gimmick. Like Laura says, it pays for itself because you'll get 52 performances out of it. Good instruction in the vid, and she teaches multiple ways to do it.
  5. Summary

    Easily the best "impromptu" effect in my arsenal she should charge double.
  6. Summary

    I just got the Laura London card in bottle and its great here is a review. There is a gimmicked version Which makes it easier to preform but you can preform it without a gimmick and its just as easy and the gimmick isn't really what you would call a gimmick and once you buy it you can do it lots of times. The tutorial is like 10 mins not a lot but enough time. Overall I give it a 8/10 :)
  7. Summary

    Just bought and reviewed. The really clever bits here are the convincers and subtleties. If you know card in bottle from somewhere else, you'll still be happy with your purchase because of these extras. Her alternate technique and tips for spreading your business are inspirational and will hopefully give you ideas on how to alter this slightly and make it your own.

    The effect is probably 3 1/2 - 4 stars, but the inspirational bits and subtleties push it to 5. Well done. Enjoy!

    Ellusionist, I hope to see more from the England dream team! Keep 'em coming. Cheers.
  8. Summary

    i virtually knew how it was done off of the trailer apart from one very important thing ! Laura London says many useful points and things you can add to the routine to me this is a must buy, add to cart NOW !!! visual & a reputation maker