Black Legacy Boxed Set

Black Legacy Boxed Set

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Customer Reviews

  • by Abdullah

    Jan 2017

    Just Received These Cards Today And I Have To Say, These Cards Are Simply Amazing... The Best USPCC Printed Cards I've Laid My Hands On... They Are Really Smooth And Feel And Look Great... But One Thing That Bothered Me Was The Tuck Cases... The Printing On It Seems A Bit Blotched Or Messy... Kind Of Ruins The Look... Other Than That, It's A 10/10... <3

  • by Aidan

    Jan 2017

    I bought the entire collection and I gotta say that these are the three best decks I've ever laid my hands (and eyes) on. They handle amazing and feel great! Definitely grab these while they last!

  • by Max Zuber

    Jan 2017

    I love every singe one of these decks. I have always loved the black tiger cards, and these ones are even better. I wasn't a fan of the Shadowmasters beforehand, but I love the new way the did the back design. The tuck cases are stunning, along with all the cards inside. 10/10