Lightspeed by Justin Miller

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You're performing your favorite rubber band routine. People are loving it, you are having a good time...


Your rubberband breaks.

What now? It's awkward, people expect you to do something magical, and you have nowhere to go. You could use a fresh band but that leaves everyone thinking you can't work with a broken band.

Lightspeed is designed for the moment when a rubber band breaks.You will find yourself BREAKING rubber bands just to perform Lightspeed

Here's what happens.

With a broken band, you thread a borrowed ring on to it and tie off the ends. A loop of band, with a knot and their ring linked on.

You begin to pull their ring off and throw it back on VISUALLY. A full routine that can be done with any ring and any rubber band... as long as it's broken.

Let Justin train you step-by-step to do this routine and NEVER be stuck with a broken rubber band and nothing to do with it.
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  1. Summary

    This is my first ever magic review. Lightspeed was the first product that I purchased after a 10-year hiatus from magic. It’s a beautiful trick with simple execution. This will take you some time to perform well, but it is well worth the investment. It’s an awesome choice for the beginner looking for an alternative to cards, or an experienced performer looking for an alternative to the classic crazy man handcuffs opener. Hands down my favorite trick to perform. I love JM style and after learning this I immeadiately bought Divorce as a compliment.
  2. Summary

    By far, the easiest and most visually appealing band routine! A very clean performance every time! I put this one at the top of my band tricks.
  3. Summary

    Oh JM is absolutely genius! I loved the trick and is so easy to do... Excited to buy some other things from him because that one worth every cent.