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With only 5000 ever created, these 'strategy and fearlessness' inspired decks did not last long. They are now sold out.

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A Note from Daniel Madison

After almost a year in the creation, Madison Presents is set to launch with one of my most meaningful and personal decks of cards... The Lions Den.

A few years back I had a wild idea to open my own casino which would be a safe-haven for crooked gamblers. Although the project never got off the ground, the branding and playing cards had been designed, and Madison Presents offered me the perfect platform to help see these cards come to life.

The Lions Den deck is the casino deck designed for my own casino, offering a full top to bottom bleed of classy black and gold but a white border on either side as a cheating safety measure.

The unique casino stock is similar to Madison Rounders - thin, smooth and sturdy. The design takes elements from a classical casino style with a minimal yet regal touch. The gold flows on both sides (front and back) with unique court cards and the box offers a minimal and slick home for the cards.

With the Lions Den deck, I present to you, a deck of cards fit for a casino, and also fit for a King.
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  1. Summary

    your alternative deck when you do gambling routine, you can add this to your presentation as the deck on mysterious casino .... love this deck!!!
  2. Summary

    These cards came free with my purchase of Anthology - by Daniel Madison, and I am shocked how long they have lasted. Every magician wants cards to last, but most cards only last about 2 weeks if used a lot. These cards have lasted me a whole month and still fan very well, and they don't look dirty. I suggest any cards you get to be bought here. Madison Dealers playing cards are AMAZING
  3. Summary

    Unlike many of the other reviewers on here, I'm coming at the cards from a completely different perspective: I've been a card reader for almost 20 years and an author as well. When I read the story behind these cards, I was immediately interested in them - and they don't disappoint. The matte black and gold box makes them stand out and feel special, even before they're out of the box while the cards themselves look and feel like something out of a movie. Absolutely incredible and well worth having.