Little Deck of Horrors

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  1. Summary

    These cards are amazing. These are my first experience with the B9 stock and i gotta say after handing what feels like every stock ever made lol this is my new favourite stock and will for sure be buying more decks with this finish
  2. Summary

    Got this deck through the 3 deck trial pack. Really happy that I have a horror themed deck for this Halloween!
  3. Summary

    I received my order today. I was surprised to see that the deck opened from the side (think Nocs Gen 2). It is something that I was like "meh" at first on, but then after looking over the whole box I really enjoyed the almost VHS tape 'feel' to the looks. Each face card depicts famous monstrosities that we all know and love/fear. The overall aesthetic of the cards feels very retro 80's horror film which is a nice touch.

    Overall, the deck handles well. The cards I'm assuming are manufactured by Cartamundi as they came pre-wraped in cellophane and have an almost greasy feel to them. The stock itself is very thick, so I have high hopes they will last for quite a while. I'm not certain I'm a fan of the stock yet, but so far so good. They look amazing for flourishing and magic and would be perfect for performances on Halloween due to the aesthetic appeal and potential story telling attached.

    I highly recommend you pick these up if you are interested in something different to add to your collection, if you are a fan of old school horror movies, or are looking to try something different then the normal USPC stock.