Little Deck of Horrors

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Little Deck of Horrors is a celebration of the nostalgically scary 'Ghost Train', with faces haunted by classic gouls, goblins and ghosts.

The deck captures the glow of the neon fairground lights, as they dart sharply across the back design, completed with a kaleidoscope of skulls.

The cards themselves have been carefully tested for optimum durability, printed on Cartamundi's now famous B9 finish and stock.

If you can ever put these horrors down, the deck goes kicking and screaming into a side-loading tuck case. Trapped momentarily in a smooth gloss coffin before it next bursts free.
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  1. Daniel

    I love the fact that this deck is fully customized and everything in it makes sense.
  2. Summary

    This deck is really cool. Nice tuck case that opens from the side. Great feel. Cool and creepy designs on all the face cards of recognizable monsters... A must have for Halloween.
  3. Summary

    This is the coolest deck I own. The custom court cards are straight up fire and the texturing on the court emblems looks super profesh to design snobs like me. My only critique is that I can't find out who designed the art for this deck to give them due credit! Shout them out please and help put an end to my tireless googling!