Lo-Gone by John Horn


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After smash hits like smudged, it’s been proven that John Horn is different. 

No man can do MORE with less. 

The reactions he can get from a trick with just a sharpie outweigh any card trick 10 to 1. 

Lo-gone is the pinnacle. 

The sharpie logo clearly vanishes from the marker and lands squarely on their hand, arm, head…. anywhere. 

It’s like Angle Z, but with a sharpie logo. 

  • - Incredibly EASY to do. 
  • - Ingenious custom gimmick. 
  • - No REFILLS. 

FAQ aka QWMUBWTYAT (Questions we made up because we thought you’d ask them) 

Can they keep the pen? Of course.

Do we teach you powerful routines that don’t require stamping spectators at all? Absolutely. Including a bill switch your dog could do for making the logo appear on BORROWED, signed bills.

Can you fit the gimmick in your pocket all day without fear of losing the end or little bits of it? Well, duh. We needed this to always work, so it’s purpose built to be practical and self-inking. With Lo-Gone you’re always ready. 

Why don’t I already have one? Well that’s up to you. Add yours to the cart now. 


< Arrghh that pesky John has tagged our page too. Get a life John! 

Customer Reviews

  • by Elijah

    May 2018

    I love this trick, but I find the stamper a little big. If it was a little smaller, I would do the hand routine more often.

  • by Zach Barber

    Feb 2018

    I love this. Being able have the logo appear anywhere you want is amazing. Now, I will definitely be using this, but let me talk about why I gave it four instead of five. The reason is for how big the stamper is. For me, it is hard to conceal it when I want to stamp the spectators hand. I guess stamping their hand is not for me. However, I love the card routine and the bill routine, because it does not require you to hide the stamper. I love the idea and how it is done, this will definitely be one of my every day carries.