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A Note from Peter McKinnon

This DVD is something I originally, never intended to put out. I had a lot of these little things written down in an old leather notebook just tucked away on my book shelf, waiting for a chance, that perfect moment to present themselves.

I perform them regularly, but have never shown them to more than a handful of very close friends. Once thinking about the idea of releasing these to the community, I started shifting towards print. There is something about the written word that I love and always come back too.

However, Upon several Skype conversations with the Ellusionist team, and test driving some of the effects in Los Angeles this past summer, it occurred to me they HAVE to be put to DVD. There is no way I will be able to translate just how visual some of these pieces are with words- It HAS to be seen.

Inside you will find 6 pieces of magic in the form of routines, sleights and flourishes. Magic with finger rings, magic with neck ties and of course, playing cards.

Scattered throughout several of the routines are then variations based on those routines - I go into plenty of detail explaining every single nuance of every corner and crevasse these effects have to offer. With a run time of over an hour of instruction and performance, I invite you to step inside that once forgotten leather notebook, and get ready for an influx of visual magic.

On The DVD

  • • Pandora - Pete's favorite effect from this DVD. A card is genuinely selected from a shuffled deck, the deck put aside and the card put back in the box and the whole thing is handed back to the spectator to hold. Instantly, the card has vanished - only to appear in the performer's back pocket, inside his hat, stuck to the back of the box - or wherever else he wants.

  • • Pantheon - A Ring is placed onto the finger - and then slowly melts off with a rub. One further the rub, and the whole ring disappears. With a wave of the hand, the ring rematerialises back on the first finger. A modular routine that's a superb deviation from the 'common card trick'.

  • • Revelator - A quick flourishy production of a full fan of cards from a single card held at the fingertips.

  • • Dragonfly 2.0 - From a free flourish & control given to Black Club Members comes this full transposition effect. A card inserted into the centre of the deck in a flourish swaps places with one clearly placed at the bottom of the deck.

  • • Suit Up - A Necktie appears in the action of taking off a hat. An opener that breaks the ice, like a Sir.

  • • Breakdown - As seen on the Infinity, Artifice, LTD, ShadowMaster and BlackGhost trailers - it's the flourish Pete has been inundated with requests to teach. On this DVD - he finally.. uh.. breaks it down.

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  1. Summary

    I just finished watching the DVD & it was totally freaking AWESOME!!! Peter teaches very well he's also funny which makes it way easier to learn.....the effects are simply amazing just like real magic!! Totally buy the DVD you won't regret it.
  2. Summary

    This was such a great video. The tricks are great and well explained, and peter is just an all around funny guy. It's better when you can learn some new hotness while laughing every now and then.
  3. Summary

    These are 6 amazing effects, and Peter is a fantastic teacher. He is so goofy and entertaining to watch. I was expecting a serious and dramatic DVD like a DM effect. But no Peter is so happy and excited, it makes learning so much fun.
  4. Summary

    Great DVD! Everything from cards, to coins to flourishes. Nice visual stuff, great teaching and PM makes you laugh, "Ice Cream!"
    GO buy this DVD!
  5. Summary

    This DVD is great! It is perfect for a beginner but is also perfect for any magician. I believe that I am at the intermediate level and this is great for me. There is something for everyone. Card tricks, tricks with rings, ties, and card flourishes. It is quite humorous and Peter is a great teacher. The effects are not too hard to learn but they have a huge impact. When i say that they are not hard to learn, I don't mean that they are boring. The effects will require you to carry some napkins so you can clean up the spectators brain after you perform them because their heads will explode with the awesomeness. They are that good. Purchase this DVD! Especially if you can get the white LTD's! 5 stars!
  6. Summary

    Ok so you have many magicians on Ellusionist but none like Peter Mckinnon. This guy is on a different level. The DVD itself is very entertaining and insightful. I never was any good at flourishing but the way Breakdown was taught was really good and I picked it up really easily! The magic in this DVD is really good and is already in my repertoire. Also you never will laugh more with any other DVD. So what are you waiting for just get it now!

    P.S Did you hear the ice-cream truck? :)
  7. Summary

    Came From The Most "Talented" Person in Ellusionist.
    6 high-impact visual magic, You have to Check this out guy's.. you will know what "Talented" Means.

    Thanks To P:M
  8. Summary

    I purchased the dvd but since I am black club member, I also got the download, I have watched the video, and the teaching is great, it is shot clearly and put together well. The effects are all very practical depending on your style of magic, but you should find a few things you'll use on here. This is a really great purchase, do..you wont regret it.
  9. Summary

    Usually, I don't write a review for my purchase just because of my sloth, but this time the experience in this DVD overcame the laziness. Especially, as he says, the Pandora in this DVD is splendid. This is generally NOT GIMMICK BUT TECHNIQUE you can use whenever you want to. I'm kind of a CARD-holic, so I also recommend the flourish "Breakdown", which is pretty easy. Actually, you can understand it instantly if you do Sybil. And even if not, his explanation is so clear that you have little difficulty. Your first flourish can be this, great-looking easy flourishy cut.