Losing Control Arcane Edition by Lee Asher PDF

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Losing Control Arcane Edition by Lee Asher PDF
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This uber-clever card maneuver gives you the ability to have a selection, plainly and cleanly placed back into the middle of the deck and yet have it secretly remain on the top of the pack.

The Losing Control technique does not rely on any type of pass. The method is also effective, bold and economical. Therefore, this move will find favor with card enthusiasts who want to master a slick and efficient card control, without spending a lifetime pursuing it.

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  1. Summary

    This review is a little two sided. I am very new to card magic so my handling skills are not completely there yet, which i think hindered me into having mastered this one by now. I can not get the "move" no where near right at this point. However, i rated this 5 star because it fools me everytime I see someone do it. Everytime. I can't tell you how many times before I bought this that I stopped rewinded and watched again. The "move" and the trick itself is so simple and deceptive. So yeah, if you can handle cards and want to blow someones mind... this is the one for you. I didn't want to take off points for my mishandling. Stop debating and buy this.
  2. Simply Deceptive

    Trick - 10 stars out of 5
    Price - 4 stars (a bit much for ONE trick)

    For those who are familiar with handling cards, this will not be a hard trick to master. I spent 30 min reading and watching the video links off of the PDF and then performed it for my three favorite testers and they couldn't catch how I was doing it. TIME AFTER TIME AFTER TIME I was able to destroy them.

    Love it. I will use this everytime I have a deck in my hands.

    SOOOO simple.
    SOOOOOOO deceptive.


    Thanks Lee for sharing your move with us.
  3. EPIK

    I did this for a girl on my bus at school... very easy to perform, and very elegant. love it.
  4. Amazing. Simply Amazing

    I couldn't believe it at first. It is VERY deceptive. When I was reading the pdf, it took me a second to really put it into my head what was happening. Once I executed the spread in the mirror, I became convinced:

    This is now my favorite way to control a card. It is so simple, so easy, and so deceptive it is fun to get away with. You will have fun with this control, and you will steal home every time.
  5. This isn't your grandfathers magic

    Losing Control is also absolutely brilliant. The idea behind this is incredibly simple, yet so psychologically perfect that it's amazing no one has come up with this before. Properly learned, this is a sleight that can totally used under fire, and once you've got it down, there's no going back. You'll have more fun that you thought possible with this baby.

    Losing Control is one of those moves that will make you nervous. You'll think it's never going to work, I'll never be able to pull this off, people are going to bust me. If you're not sweating the first time you do this, then you're doing it wrong.

    Lee isn't just a magician, he's a thinker, and a creator, and this is definitely one of his finest thoughts and creations.