Loyal Coin Vanish

Downloadable Video
This video contains 30 minutes of techniques, moves and routines based around the core principle.

When we first received this video we didn't know what to say. Immediately we held a company meeting to watch these two guys work. Who were these Spanish magicians? On the spot we had to have them, and we wanted you to be the first to experience their magic.

Picture yourself, in street wear, no stuffy suits and dress pants. You borrow a coin.

It's signed...

The coin is right in front of their eyes and then it seemingly melts into nothing. Your hands are empty... REALLY empty.

Your audience tries to grasp for some explanation. They look around. The front and back of your hands. You have no sleeves.

Then you lift your foot out of your shoe. There, in your shoe, is their signed coin.

The Loyal Vanish is the first download from Manuel Leal and Adrián Carratalá, The Thinking Paradox Team.

Over 30 minutes of detailed explanations and bonus ideas. The extras alone could be turned into separate downloads and you are getting them all with The Loyal Vanish.

Watch the trailer, perform the magic.

Customer Reviews

  • by Mohammad BIlal

    Jan 2016

    The tricks are amazing but cant be done without extensive practise. But still its cool because the people cant find out where has the coin got to

  • by jordon andrews

    Sep 2015

    This trick is amazing. The vanish is so clean and the fact you can show both sides of you hand is amazing in it self. The vanish part is not your average technique for a vanish. The vanish slight is tricky it will take practice. They give you several techniques and some are harder then others. Reason only 4 stars it the fact the vanish part is a bit tricky.

  • by Joe MacF

    Jul 2015

    While difficult to master this effect uses an ancient principle we don't see very often in close up magic anymore, and the detailed walkthrough of the 'complete' effect is a joy.

    Both sneaky and elegant, with some work this will be an effect and principle you apply when you really want to shatter all the rules. The bonus material really is fun, and you will likely find several really strong applications for this simple yet thoroughly ingenious artifice.