LTD Blue

LTD Blue
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Everything you loved about the Original LTD Deck. Now in Blue.

  • •   Crisp, sharp
  • •   Buttery smooth finish
  • •   Understated

LTD is simplicity.

The blue version of the ultra-desired deck is ready to Go. The crispness and buttery finish make these playing cards a joy to pick up and hold.

Order a deck, or brick, today.

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  1. Summary

    Great deck, they're very smooth, I don't know if this is common but my queen of hearts came with the LTD Red back (E note: Yes it is)
  2. Summary

    Beautiful cards. Very simple design. Looks and feels just great for magicians, poker players or collectors.
  3. Summary

    Great deck. Very elegant and classy. Love the colours and the gorgeous back. Smooth handling.
  4. Summary

    These cards are amazing! They handle great, they look great, and they are all around great! Get these cards now! I'm serious, add them to your cart now!
  5. Summary

    This is my favorite deck. It lasts a very good amount of time being played with every day, and it is the best feeling card I've played with. I love the simplicity with the design so that spectators to begin to think the cards are gimmicked. The feel is about as thick as the Artifice cards, and not as thin as Ignite or Fathom, which was perfect for me. All I wish about it, is that it would come with a double backer card instead of the different back Queen of Hearts. All around a great deck!
  6. Summary

    this deck is very nice and looks just as it does in the pictures, the only downside to my deck is instead of a double-backer, I got a red back queen of hearts
  7. Summary

    Aside from the beautiful back design, this deck has wonderful handling. It is durable and also very classy.
  8. Summary

    These cards... WOW! This deck looks and feels amazing. Every time I pull it out to perform a trick, my spectators talk about my LTD Blue. The black suits are now silver grayish and the reds are dark. Every color is perfect and the numbers are small/long and look beautiful in a fan or spread. Get this deck!
    Final Rating: 5/5 or 10/10
  9. Summary

    Great Feel! Right when I opened it up I knew I loved this deck!
  10. Summary

    The deck has a minimal and interesting design at the same time, it's very beautiful.
    For what concern the handling of the cards, they are very very smooth so I recommend them for magic tricks in which you need a change or in which you want to stealtly slide away a card.
    Although the cards are very flexible I don't reccommend them for cardistry because of their smoothness.
    Overall it's a good deck that can replace the standard Bicycle if you are in search of an higher standard level.