LTD Blue


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Everything you loved about the Original LTD Deck. Now in Blue.

  • •   Crisp, sharp
  • •   Buttery smooth finish
  • •   Understated

LTD is simplicity.

The blue version of the ultra-desired deck is ready to Go. The crispness and buttery finish make these playing cards a joy to pick up and hold.

Order a deck, or brick, today.

Customer Reviews

  • by Andres Cervantes

    Jan 2017

    Great deck, they're very smooth, I don't know if this is common but my queen of hearts came with the LTD Red back (E note: Yes it is)

  • by Andrew Kell

    Apr 2014

    Beautiful cards. Very simple design. Looks and feels just great for magicians, poker players or collectors.

  • by Neivin M

    Apr 2014

    Great deck. Very elegant and classy. Love the colours and the gorgeous back. Smooth handling.