LTD Rare (RED) Sheet

LTD Rare (RED) Sheet

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The LTD Decks were limited to 5000. These Sheets are limited to just 115.

Get yours now before they vanish forever.

Designed with help from card pro, Daniel Madison, the sheet is reflective of the timeless diamond pattern design that give the LTD its signature appeal.

These are genuine playing card sheets - pulled off the presses at the United States Playing Card Company before they had a chance to be cut and packaged in boxes. They will ship separately from the rest of your order via USPS, carefully rolled in hard protective mailing tubes.

Please note; Ships unframed. While every precaution is taken to safely pack these, some minor scuffs, scratches or creases may occur at the extreme edges of the sheets. As these blemishes are unavoidable - and generally covered during the mounting process, Ellusionist will not accept returns for these items. That said - if there is damage that makes the sheet unusable, we will gladly replace it for you.

Customer Reviews

  • by Thomas Wong

    Jan 2014

    Beautiful modern art. Frame it and let all admire the meaning behind the silver lines, deep red and black colors, and let them try to figure out the magic behind the 52 cards. Let them try. But they should know that like magicians, cards never reveal their secrets.

  • by Richard Brealey

    Dec 2013

    Looks really nice, and makes a great feature on my wall.

  • by Hudson Hufham

    Apr 2013

    A masterpiece