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The M5 System makes you feel like you can perform real magic. You can use the system to create eerie, effective results, but it is advised that you have a knowledge of how to present magic with showmanship.
If you are 12 years old and are just starting out, please do not purchase the kit. The best thing for you will be How To Do Street Magic . If you've been in magic for a bit or feel you have a decent understanding of showmanship and psychology, please read the page. You're into a very good thing.

The basic kit which includes various accessories, the M5 unit, and a great booklet teaching many tricks and routines. The second version is the upgraded combo kit which includes everything in the first kit, plus more accessories and tools to use with your M5.

Here is what the BASIC M5 KIT includes...

  • •1 neo-M5, 2 X 2 inches, half an inch thick - the most powerful in the world.
  • •The Psycho-Kinetics Book by Chuck Leach, teaches OVER 70 illusions and tricks
  • •2 Brass Rings
  • •Shimmed Wooden Match
  • •Shim shell coin
  • •Shim materials
  • •1 custom wrist strap that fits your M5 perfectly
  • BONUS: Brad Christian's amazing notes on the M5 and how to use it on the street for effective results - INCLUDED FREE

The basic version also comes with Brad Christian's Full Pro M5 Notes that will save you months of trial and error with the M5. These are currently free, included as a bonus with either kit.

The M5 is a spectacular device and one that you will carry with you always. The item is not ever seen by the audience, but allows you to perform miracles as if you were a real magician. Once you understand the psychology of how the M5 works (read Brad's notes that are free in the kit, or purchase them separately for $17) you will be creating your own miracles on a daily basis. Order your M5, today.

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  1. his trick, or more accurately, this miracle, deserves a 10 out of 10.

    The M5 pushes the limits of human imagination, and challenges all the spectator knows about his own reality. This trick, or more accurately, this miracle, deserves a 10 out of 10.
  2. i do recommend this to people who have some experience

    the m 5 is a unlivable tool and i say tool because its not really a magic trick per se but a tool to create a untold amount of illusions this is really a must get for any serious illusionist but i do recommend this to people who have some experience etc.
  3. it was the penny one I did again

    Awesome, that's what I have to say. I got mine yesterday and set it up and practiced all night. The first person I did it to was my wife, she somewhat knew what I was getting because she is my wife, but I did the penny vanish and turned it into a dime and even she was like how the heck did you do that. I am also a vendor that travels to different wal-marts and did it today to a dept. mgr., I had the best reaction I ever had yet to any of my magic I've done so far, the look on her face was priceless, her eyes widened, jaw dropped, and had such a dumb founded look on her face, I could tell I blew her away, and it was the penny one I did again. I look forward to doing other stuff with it also. Thanks, Brian
  4. All I was thinking was..Thank you Ellusionist, Thank you.

    Im 14. I brought my M5 to my school thinking I might get a chance to perform some stuff. Second period i started doing some old card tricks that i knew but I guess they impressed the class because the next thing I know my teacher is at my desk. I thought she was going to take my stuff away but instead she said that she wanted to see a trick. I break out the M5 And Do the penny to dime with the class huddled around my desk ...They went crazy. The teacher from the next class room over came in to complain about the noise. They worshipped me the rest of the class. All I was thinking was..Thank you Ellusionist, Thank you.
  5. If you want to improve your magic then this is a must have

    There are no words to describe the possibilities of this object. The day I got it was the same day I did my first magic show for ten plus people and they have been on there knee's begging me for more. If you want to improve your magic then this is a must have
  6. "Hey you are the magic guy!"

    Since I first got my M5 I have only been fooling around with it and not really field testing it.

    My first big trick test was the linking ring trick that comes with the kit.

    While sitting at the table minding my business, *and trying to ignore the fact that people usually watch me and see if I do something magic related*, I held the linking rings like illustrated and even knowingly dropped the rings in my futile attempts to try and link them together. Finally a group of guys I know came up and asked what I was doing.

    I told them that I read that if you concentrate your energy into the empty mass field of an object you can make them link together. It was a long shot at best but I had to give it a try. I handed out the rings to the guys to see if they could do it. None of them could. With them fiddling with the rings I slid the M5 into position on my wrist. I then stared "charged" the rings by rubbing them on my pants. Telling the guys maybe static electricity is needed. They laughed and low and behold the links stayed. The guys said a very loud curse word that got the attention of a few more on lookers. They all came and took a look at what was going on.

    Everyone surrounded me and were stunned. I noticed if you keep the M5 within a reasonable distance the links stay together. In fact you can even move one link around the other link. To the amazement of everyone they couldn't figure it out. I had one guy sweep his hand between the link and my hand to see if anything was holding it. To his dismay NOTHING was secretly holding anything to anything.

    Then I performed the standing penny trick that comes with the booklet.

    See I can't really strap the M5 around my leg but I could slide it into my cargo pocket in my pants. From there I handed out a penny to the people around and asked them to balance it. None of them could. One guy came really close and I got worried...then the M5 stole the show. Placing the one penny on the table and the second on top of it and bam perfect balance.

    That actually got people to move away from me.

    Luckily I got a call to deliver so I had to leave...but man for those few brief seconds of M5 performance...Money well spent. Next I am working on making the utensils move about...hell maybe standing them all up.

    Three times I have had my car stopped and people say "Hey you are the magic guy!" I nod and say yes I am. Then I get to sign some autographs for people. So Brad I would like to thank you personally from the bottom of my heart for giving me the gift of entertaining people and watching their eyes light up with amazement. If there is anything I can do for you...tell me.
  7. ...I can tell you that it's well worth it

    The M5 is like having an actual REAL magician standing behind you, doing your magic for you.'

    It couldn't be said any better. The M5 is the latest and most improved tool of illusion for series of psychokinetic, or PK, magic effects. The gimmick itself has been tailor made to be the perfect tool for performing all kinds of effects from vanishes, changes, seemingly impossible effects of balancing, movement of objects with the mind, crazy card effects, and much more. You're limited only by your imagination when it comes to the M5 system.

    It's the raven, the bat, and a psychic all rolled into a small compact box. You'll often hear it said that the M5 is not one trick, but many tricks. At first, I thought that although that might be technically true, it was just a phrase used to try and get you to buy it, since you can take any one trick mechanically and throw different presentations and patters on it, effectively making it many different tricks. Not so with the M5. While it has one basic force working to make these effects happen, there are many different mechanical aspects to the system. You could master the use of the M5 for vanishes, but still have to practice movement of objects with the mind. Throw about 4 or 5 different effects into each mechanical group, then tack on another 10 possible presentations for each effect, and you're wearing a small magic shop.

    The price is the only major disadvantage of the M5 system, but I can tell you that it's well worth it. Get what you can on your budget if you have to, but don't end your collection without getting this amazing product.
  8. ... thanks Ellusionist

    I just got my M5. I pulled it out read a little and went out to my wife did the penny to dime trick and then stopped her watch. It blow her away and thats saying a lot because I use her to test all my tricks and sleight of hand. So she knows a lot but the M 5 left her with her mouth open. And the great thing about the M 5 is all the books and readable matieral you get with the M5. And by the way I am just starting as a beginner. Ellusionist and I were up and running in just minutes with the m 5... thanks Ellusionist
  9. This thing is unbelievable!

    Hi Brad, got my M5 today -- WOW! This thing is unbelievable! Within 5 minutes of opening the package I already found my first victim...needless to say they were totally FRIED! Great product, great notes...I recommend this to ANYONE.
  10. I changed the penny into a dime

    Hi Brad. I took the M5 with me to the Magic Castle. I did one effect. I changed the penny into a dime. The result was that the young lady in our party refused to speak with me the rest of the night as she played with the dime continuously.