M5 Pro Accessory Kit

M5 Pro Accessory Kit
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An ADDITIONAL assortment of accessories for performing powerful street and table magic with the M5 System.

Note: the M5 Super Bundle already comes with the Pro Kit.

Electra K Kit: This kit includes 2 magnetic Reed Switches. These are used for PK electronic effects.

Shimmed Shell Coin: This coin can be made to ‘vanish’ or change into another coin (the latter is accomplished by placing a smaller coin under the shell). Wave your hand/wrist over the coin and the shell coin visibly vanishes and/or changes into another coin.

Steel Core Coin: This examinable coin can be used for a variety of effects. Here are a few examples:
  • The Haunted Coin: An examined coin is placed on a table. It slowly stands up, then turns over.
  • Bank Night: The steel core coin is marked by a spectator (using a ‘write and wipe’ ink marker). This coin is placed in a coin envelope (available at stationary stores). Four quarters are placed in four other envelopes. The envelopes are closed and mixed by a spectator. The above is done while the performer’s back is turned. Seated at a table, the performer places one of his hands palm-up on the table. The envelopes are placed on the hand one at a time. The performer easily knows which envelope contains the correct coin.
  • Coin Vanish: The steel core coin is great for vanishes, since most people have a hard time finding these in circulation. Place the coin on a spectator’s hand, then wave your hand/wrist over the coin in a circular motion, and the coin vanishes!

Shim Shell Blank Half Coin: This shell coin will fit over a half dollar. With a magnet concealed on your wrist, you can wave your hand/wrist over the coin and the blank half will visually ‘mint’ into a real half dollar.

Half Dollar-Size Coin Shim: Used by magicians to shim their own expanded half dollars.

Shimming Supplies: Additional shim foil and wire for making your own shimmed playing cards, business cards, envelopes, etc. Simply glue two surfaces together with shim material between them and you will have a shimmed item that can be detected or affected by a magnet.
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  1. i first bought the m5 basic kit, and i got good reactions but after buying this my magic was taken to a whole nother world

    i changed a piece of metal into a half dollar