Madison Confessions Deck

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Madison Confessions Deck
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  1. Summary

    Expected much more out of a Madison deck. Their feel was decent at best, and they handle okay, but the finish is dull and the photos make the cards pop way more than they do in person; the face cards were extremely dull and lifeless. Way over-priced for the low quality deck you get...
  2. Summary

  3. Summary

    Unlike the rest of the series, the backs of these are just the Madison logo, which I feel was a weird choice when the other three decks have such intricate backs that mean something.

    The Ace of Spades, out of all the hundreds of decks in my collection, is my FAVOURITE EVER. The confessions printed on the cards are a nice touch. There are quite a few hilariously mean ones but a couple of sad ones too, which I didn't expect.

    Two sets of Jokers- a Diptych to keep with the theme of the series and another set of duplicates. There are NO custom courts but there are a few hidden reveals.

    Such a great series.
  4. Summary