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When Brad originally saw Daniel perform the Royal Flush Sequence (seen in the trailer) he thought this was Daniel just doing what Daniel does. A gamblers cop, switch and some lapping. But there was no switch. There wasn't even a gamblers cop. It was all gaffs.

Somehow, Daniel Madison has taken a lifetime of hard-earned skills, and packed them into a single deck of utility gaffs that can be used to create near miracles at the card table.

Gamblers are a never-before-seen concept in Gaff Playing Cards. These are precision made gaffs for use with Black Rounders and Green Dealers, to enable you to perform effects that would otherwise take a lifetime to master.

Every single card has been carefully thought out and designed by Daniel to fly under the radar, enhancing your skills and making you seem like a master.

Daniel has created these cards to be utilities that you can use to develop your own routines. More than 15 individual routines are included on the explanation DVD - but the possibilities with this deck are endless.

Gamblers Gaffs have been created for demonstrations of seriously advanced sleight of hand for any performer. They won't create a brilliant presentation for you, but, slipped in occasionally to a demonstration they will allow a few minds to be shattered. Especially those who watch with a knowing eye.

We recognize that there are sleight of hand purists who may say that a gambling demonstration should be something achieved with a standard deck of cards and pure skill. If that’s your belief then we invite you to start on Disc 2 of this set. You can hear what Alex Pandrea, Brad Christian, Tony Chang, and many others have to say about it.

When method is put as the priority of the performance, at the expense of the audience’s perception, then you have missed the point of performance. What matters is what is perceived by the audience.

Perception is Reality - or in the words of Daniel Madison, "If there's a deck that makes a move ten times easier, and it makes me look ten times better, then you're damn right I'm going to use cards like this…"

A Note from Daniel Madison

Of all of the things that can be achieved by difficult sleight-of-hand, when taken out of their intended purposes for the sake of demonstration or performance, there is a fine line between actual and pseudo executions.

Over the years I have collected ideas on how to achieve near-impossible sleights without the necessary work, simply for the sake of demonstrations and pseudo exposure. Some of these ideas are methods disguised as other methods, and the others, are gaff playing cards that are never seen by the onlooker. Those ideas became the Madison Gamblers.

People may argue that gambling is an art form of intricate and difficult sleight-of-hand, and that demonstrations should be truthful, and I would agree, however, gambling was not made to be exposed or demonstrated and so exposure of gambling has itself become a new art, constantly demonstrated by people, most of whom have never played a game of cards let alone executed an illegal move at one.

The Madison Gamblers are for the demonstrators, for those who want to showcase an intricate skill in order to make their exposures far better and far more believable. They are under the radar, they will never be seen, and with these, your reputation as a gambler will reach great new heights.

The Deck.

The Effects.

Dice - The only gaff in the entire deck that stands out as a ‘gimmicked card’. A standard die transforms into a paper die in the action of being thrown. When unfolded, the die’s construction paper turns out to be a previously selected card.

2 Card Monty - Utility cards that allow for the performance of the myriad of Two and Three Card Monte effects that abound. Daniel teaches his handling for both a tabled and in-the-hands version.

BlackJack - A truly phenomenal demonstration that combines center dealing two cards from different places in the deck in a single deal, with an invisible palm and muck/switch. Deal yourself the perfect blackjack hand (almost) every time.

Replacement Ace - A game of poker is dealt to the number of hands named by a spectator. While the spectator receives a very strong hand, they are of course beaten by the performer. A fact predetermined by the writing on the Ace of Spades.

Replacement Joker - The same basic effect as Replacement Ace, only this time the spectator is accidentally dealt a joker as part of their hand - a card which they obviously discard. The effect is possibly stronger, given the writing was in front of the spectator the entire time.

The Poker Lesson - A Sam-the-Bellhop style of effect that makes sense in a gambling demonstration, teaching the ranking of poker hands to a spectator. The method for this effect also opens itself to memory recall presentations, included but not limited to card at any number.

Stolen Card - A card is chosen and returned to the deck. The performer deals a poker hand to the table, and confirms with the spectator that their card is amongst those dealt. In the act of squaring the pack, the chosen card is stolen invisibly, to be dealt from the pack whenever the performer decides.

Straight Switch - The performer attempts to demonstrate crooked dealing, aiming for a straight poker hand, however misses completely. The hand is squared, and invisibly switched for the correct cards - the named straight now in the performers hand.

Royal Switch - Similar to the Straight Switch, the performer misses dealing the winning hand. With a switch, he swaps the incorrect cards for the Royal Flush - the incorrect cards being returned invisibly to the top of the pack.

Cut Card i - A utility cut card that supposedly makes bottom dealing impossible. As this card is printed on card stock, it is easy to manipulate. Daniel shows how he uses it to Greek Deal the four Aces, and how to apparently prove you have a photographic memory.

Cut Card ii - Daniel demonstrates a number of ways to use the cut card as a stab card to present a prediction effect, a switch or a center deal with an indicated card.

Cut Card iii - An idea from Mark Calabrese. The cut card is placed on top of the face up deck. In a move that beggars belief, the card below the cut card is topshot from beneath the cut card into the hand. This effect will have your audience doing repeated double takes. Daniel also teaches a method that allows you to vanish a single card from under the cut card in the hands.

Center Deal - Four Aces are placed face up in separate places throughout the face-down deck. The deck is spread both Face Up and Face Down to show the position of the cards. Cleanly and fairly, the four aces are dealt, one at a time, from their respective places in the deck. The deck is spread to show the aces have indeed been dealt cleanly, and that there are no duplicates.

Middle Deal - The four aces are dealt from the top of the deck to the table, before being put face down into separate positions throughout the facedown deck. Again, they are dealt fairly to the table - each having come from the middle of the deck. The deck is spread to verify they have truly been dealt.

The Discussion.

The Teacher

The Artist

The Worker

  The Move Monkey

In disc two of Gamblers, Daniel sits down with modern magic professionals - each with their own individual style - to discuss the psychology of gaffed card use, and how unseen gaffs can - and should - be used to enhanced demonstrations of cheating at the card table.

Nearly an hour of in-depth interviews with Brad Christian, Peter McKinnon, Adam Wilber, Tony Chang, Mark Calabrese, Alex Pandrea and Tobias Dostal make this a project unlike any other. When you watch this DVD, take a notepad. These men will have you thinking more strategically about your magic - and your audiences will thank you for it.

    The Consultant

      The Purist

    The Pragmatist

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  1. Summary


  2. Summary

    This is a veritable treasure trove of information. There's almost no limit to what you can do with these and a pack of Rounders. The instruction is for the most part 100% crystal-clear and intuitive but there are a couple moves in here that will require some practice for the amateur.
  3. Summary

    So much you can do with these.
  4. Summary

    I love Gaff when is hidden, make your skill look really incredible, even on camera... I'm always carry this the deck, and whenever i need to build gambling routine more impressive.
  5. Summary

    Daniel you have out done yourself again! This is an amazing product, fooling everyone i have performed to. It truly makes people believe that i have the skill to do impossible slights such as the center deal. If you have the money this is a must buy product and the best gaff deck magic has ever seen!
  6. Summary

    I'm new to magic and I received this as part of the Christmas award program. I love the quality and purpose of these cards. I'm not a gambler and need to do some specific selections from this series to work in my repertoire but what I do use goes completely unnoticed and actually convince people I'm doing sleights that I haven't even mastered yet. It really is a gambling routine and you should be prepared for that but it is well taught and a high quality video.
  7. Summary

    This is a great product, I bought the bundled set with DVD.
    It was worth every cent, especially because you are not limited to a specific deck. I have several Gaff decks and the printing on these is better than any I have seen. A lot of detail went into these.
    The cards are classy and high quality. The DVD is well produced. One thing I would say is that some of the moves are for more experienced magicians or gamblers. But for me that is what makes it even better because it will challenge you to learn more and work harder. I enjoy a teaching DVD that makes you think and makes you work harder at your craft. Most of the effects you can do right away, some require moves that you will need to work at if you are not experienced. There are some assumptions in the presentation that the viewer already knows the moves which tells me this was designed for the more experienced viewer. But with that said I also think it would also be great for a beginner because they will be challenged to become better at their craft. Also the moves are not specific to this deck, for example bottom dealing. learning them is very useful in many other ways. 5-Stars all the way Anything I have seen or purchased that has Daniel Madison's name attached is Worth owning!
  8. Summary

    these gaff cards are well worth the price of $80
    i love the kind of gaff cards that aren't seen as gaffs but make you look like a pro :). i cant do center deals or bottom deals but with these cards after a week of playing with them i did a gambling demonstration and the reactions i got were astounding. DM does a great job of teaching how he uses the gaffs but still leaves a lot of space for you to make up your own effects and presentations
    do your self a favor and get these now :)
    David .P
  9. Summary

    This product is phenomenal! I would love it if Ellusionist sold more things like this, not that everything else here isn't amazing, but the Madison Gamblers definitely are the best. I got them on presale for only $40, and it is well worth that price. Now it's $80, and the content in this project is definitely worth it. Personally, the interviews weren't exciting for me, it felt like they all were rehashing the same thing. But the gaff deck is filled with so many useful gaffs that will find their way right into your cards and routines. And as always, the teaching quality from DM is spectacular; he fully explains everything while leaving room for you to input your own creativity. Do yourself a favor and pick this up now! Oh, and grab some more Rounders/Dealers too; you'll wear them out quickly performing these routines so much!
  10. Summary

    As a long time fan of Ellusionist, I naturally have almost all of their gaff decks. I even have a few gaff decks from other sources - so I have seen a lot of gaff cards in my time. So for those of you who've perhaps "seen it all" the big question is - is there anything new here?

    First off, these are precision made gaffs for use with Black Rounders and the Green Dealers, decks. That said, you're going to get at least 2 sets of each effect for each respective deck (i.e. half your cards will have black Rounders backs and the other half green Dealers backs).

    Yes, you will get gaffs you are familiar with, anyone familiar with gaffs will know these are universal and will apply to hundreds of effects you already know. Is this a good thing? Yes! because Madison's court cards are unique to his own line of cards - so technically many of the gaffs can be used with all 7 of Madison's "signature decks."

    Second, many times you'll get a DVD/deck combo and the artist will explain a handful of tricks leaving you with a stack of gaffs that seem purposeless - not here. Daniel Madison explains each and every card in the set

    Is this a good deal? Absolutely! You are getting at least 12 effects and the gaff cards to go with them for $80. Not to mention the possibility of hundreds more effects from the familiar gaffs that are included. Any other magic house would charge you between $30 and $40 for a single trick that includes a DVD plus cards.

    NOT TO MENTION - there are at LEAST 3 effects on this DVD that are worth the TOTAL cost all by themselves! Stolen Card, Cut Cards and Royal Switch are hands down complete stunners!