Madison Premium Hard Backs


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"Dai Vernon would be proud" - Daniel Madison

It's what's on the surface that counts.

Each animal that goes into making these pads is ethically killed using mechanics grip by Madison himself. Madison Hard Backs are a marriage of suede and leather. 

- Handcrafted in the UK
- Laser cut for precision.
- Traditionally upholstered 
- Take your card handling to the next level. 

Card mechanics don't cheat on a bare kitchen table, so why do you practice on one?

Inspected for quality by Madison Himself. This is the Hard Back your card table deserves.

Get yours TODAY.

SIZE = 17" x 12"

Customer Reviews

  • by Gilbert

    Dec 2017

    An amazing close-up pad that will make you feel like a bourgeois card handler. The Maddison trademark design in the center is eloquent and gives off a very "Majestic" look. Once you get your hands on it and feel the leather bottom with the smooth velvety top, you're going to be hesitant about bringing this out to perform for other people. You almost want to keep it hidden from those who wouldn't appreciate your trade, your talent, your obsession for magic.

  • by David

    Aug 2017

    This is a really nice and sturdy product. Way better quality than I really expected. I thought it would be good. Turns out it's great.

  • by Stephen

    Aug 2017

    This is a good close up pad for practice - it is exactly what it says it is. Well-made, very little padding - if you want a good practice pad for cards, this is VERY good