Madison Premium Hard Backs


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"Dai Vernon would be proud" - Daniel Madison

It's what's on the surface that counts.

Each animal that goes into making these pads is ethically killed using mechanics grip by Madison himself. Madison Hard Backs are a marriage of suede and leather. 

- Handcrafted in the UK
- Laser cut for precision.
- Traditionally upholstered 
- Take your card handling to the next level. 

Card mechanics don't cheat on a bare kitchen table, so why do you practice on one?

Inspected for quality by Madison Himself. This is the Hard Back your card table deserves.

Get yours TODAY.

SIZE = 17" x 12"

Customer Reviews

  • by David

    Aug 2017

    This is a really nice and sturdy product. Way better quality than I really expected. I thought it would be good. Turns out it's great.

  • by Stephen

    Aug 2017

    This is a good close up pad for practice - it is exactly what it says it is. Well-made, very little padding - if you want a good practice pad for cards, this is VERY good