Madison Kittens Deck


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Scenario 1. You're on your way to a gig and you've forgotten your deck. Maybe your dog ate it?

What do you do?

Answer. You stop off at your Grandma's house and grab an old deck from the drawer. At least, that's your story. 

Madison Kittens are a marked, GAFFED-deck in ultimate stealth mode.

Ever had a spectator ask "Are those just regular cards? Or are they special?" ... Yeah us too.

With the Kittens deck you'll never be asked that again. Completely unassuming in design, but devastating in function. Even if you told them the truth they wouldn't believe you.

- Normal deck of 52 cards for regular magic effects.
- Angle Z Gimmick
- Duplicate card... you know why.
- Monte Gimmick
- Fully. Freaking. Marked.

This deck allows you to open with the ultimate ice-breaker (a hilariously bad 'cat' deck), but close with the power of 10,000 panthers riding unicorns through your spectators head.

Mind = blown.

A deck just like Grandma used to make.

Order Kittens MEOW.

Customer Reviews

  • by Christopher Walde

    Mar 2018

    This is a great stock. You can do things with these cards right out of the box like they've already been broken in. Just like Rounders. But lets be real. If your buying these you're getting them for the art. These cards are an attention puller and conversation starter. The attention is 95% positive. Any nay sayers will be shut down buy your card mechanics.

  • by Luke

    Feb 2018

    I got this deck as a Christmas present and was immediately excited. I love the way these cards feel. They're incredibly thin but also very durable. They are a dream to faro even after some extensive use. I plan to buy a brick of these. I love cats, so that's a bonus. The marking system needs some work. It was designed for when dealing you'd be able to read what card it is, but even then I find it can be difficult to read the marking. The text is too small and while I understand why it's small, it also makes it a large hassle. Overall this is a fantastic deck and 99% of tricks don't need marked cards so you can definitely use these for most tricks. I LOVE this deck.

  • by Scott

    Feb 2018

    I really like the self-deprecating quality of the deck. It is potentially disarming to let your spectators know you don't take yourself too seriously and then overdeliver on your presentation. I too was disappointed with the markings as I found them unusable. If I would have bought the cards without the expectation or them having usable markings, I would have rated these cards 5 stars. My other recommendation would be to lose the faux-vintage discoloring as it looks more 'faux' than 'vintage'. The discoloring doesn't add to their believability as a 'normal' deck. They handle beautifully, though, and are a joy to faro. I really like the concept. Hopefully future runs will have a more usable marking system.