Pink Madison Rounders

Pink Madison Rounders
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  1. Summary

    These cards feel fantastic straight out of the box! They are easy to use and very visual. My only kind of negative was I was hoping the ace of spades would be pink too as that would add a real kicker visual to performances
  2. Summary

    This Deck is great. Really awesome this colour and like the gold Version, they handle really well. Only one thing I was missing and that is the seal. A pink coloured seal would be really awesome. Nevertheless I love these cards. Thanks for releasing them in this awesome colour.
  3. Summary

    This deck is great. It's a Daniel Madison deck so you already knew it was great. The pink is vibrant, the courts have been stripped down to blacks and maroons, and it's incredibly minimalist.
    They're going to last you a long time as well, I ended up buying half a brick and I'm still on my first one, having gotten it before launch day, no clumps at all despite having it that long abusing it.
    You're going to receive a double backer, a standard Rounder joker, and a new Joker with a pink Charlie. The only thing that would make this deck number one on my list is if it had a duplicate.