Madison Revolvers Deck


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Customer Reviews

  • by Sourav Roy

    Dec 2015

    My new favourite deck! After seeing it in the trailer for ZEN by Luke Dancy, I instantly wanted one. When I finally got it, I wasn't disappointed. I love the extra cards given. It is a really good deck made for both magicians and deception artists AND mechanics (not the same thing). The cards feel awesome. the faces look really cool, but I was disappointed with the ace of spades. You would know what I meant if you had the deck (it's not a bad thing at all; it is just epically UNIQUE). My advice: get them whenever you can; I know I will.

  • by Brad Fury

    Oct 2015

    I love these cards. I knew it's be getting something special and I wasn't disappointed. They feel wonderful on my hands. Beautifully elegant and smooth. The jokers are unlike anything I've seen in a madison deck. Even if you weren't lucky enough to get one during the limited pre release...they are well worth the wait. Beautifully designed. Simplicity and elegance at its finest on the Madison Revolvers. I will probably even grab some more when they are released. Well played Mr. Madison. Well played.

  • by D. Royal

    Oct 2015

    Note: This review is fair, honest, legit. I'm not connected to Ellusionist or Madison in any way as far as business.

    These are Amazing Cards, & are now definitely in my Top 3 new decks (post Ghost Deck Era.) I enjoy the "Absinthe" Deck because of the seemingly large buttery cards, & Green/White Color Schemes, and also I enjoy the "52 Proof Speakeasy" themed cards because they're great for Bar Magic, just like the Absinthe Deck.

    But this deck IS something special!

    The feeling of the cards is excellent, & dealing from the bottom of the deck is VERY easy, using Brad's method from earlier DVDs. They are buttery enough for Extreme Handling, but rough enough for perfect control even with warm hands & fingers.

    Each Face Card is different, leading me to believe these are based on real people...either magicians, or from Madison's personal life.

    These cards have traditional Red & Black themes, so nobody will become too suspicious, like they might with Absinthe, Ghosts, or Tigers (any beautiful but unusual card may draw extra scrutiny.)

    The backs are very intricate, and almost hypnotizing. Double Lifts & Color Changes are very simple, because the backs of the cards are so intricate it almost helps facilitate misdirection when you go for, say, a pass.

    They look fancy, they look classy, they look like cards a business tycoon would use. People will love them.

    I give these 5 stars & will be buying at least 10 more decks ASAP.

    Advice with Specialty Decks - Let people handle the deck first when possible (assuming they appear to have clean hands.) If they check it out, they won't "burn your hands" so much when you handle it. This is true of all specialty decks. Beware setting up a deck, as they might want to handle ready to transition to another effect or switch to a duplicate pre-arranged deck from your back pocket if absolutely necessary.