Close-up Pad (15x10)

Close-up Pad (15x10)

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This Close Up pad is a work of art, and by work, we mean that this will make YOUR work look like art.
This close up pad will ensure that your tools stay clean. Use it to make sure that your cards stay clean, or to enhance the visibility of your work. The high quality black material is durable, and soft and easy to clean and maintain.

Customer Reviews

  • by Maitiu

    Jan 2017

    I just got it a while ago and it seems great, there's a few creases or wrinkles"

  • by TJF

    Jan 2016

    This is a nice, durable pad, good size. My only complaint is that the pad is a VDF closeup pad (not a bad thing per se, but it literally came with the VDF packaging on it), which can be had much cheaper elsewhere. I guess I was expecting something a bit more unique to Ellusionist. I still agree with everyone else comments on quality and such, this is a good product.

  • by Eric Kummerehl

    Mar 2015

    Great product. After the wrinkles get smoothed out(only takes a day or two) this mat is a dream to have. The fact that it is so cheap gives you no excuse not to own one even if you are only semi-serious about magic. Just buy one, you wont regret it.