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Over 8,700 hours after we started work on this, MAGIC STREAM is finally here

Magic Stream is a revolutionary platform... hailed by some as "the Netflix of magic". 

Giving you unlimited streaming of over 100 titles for $12.99/mo 

Never has so much been given for so little. 


Unleashed instantly are 10 ORIGINAL TITLESExclusive to Magic Stream members ONLY

Our goal moving forward is to create an invaluable source of untapped inspiration from the best in the world, and put it in your home for less than the price of 1 Magic DVD. 

The value exposed in these titles alone is worth the price of 100 subscriptions. 

The biggest question after signing up would be "Will you be adding new releases?"

The short answer is "YES"

New content will be added weekly initially, and then we plan to move to twice per month. (So we can stay friends with your inbox. No spam EVER, only delicious goodness from Magic Stream)

We have over 12 months of content at this pace, curated with you in mind. 

Additionally, crews are already scheduled in the U.K., Tibet, Thailand, New York and L.A. to shoot more new projects, moves and tricks.

This is just the beginning

The future of magic is here and you're an essential part of it


Customer Reviews

  • by Griffin K.

    Oct 2018

    Just. Buy. This. I can't tell you how many tricks on Ellusionist that cost over 13 dollars are on this. So... if you are at all interested at taking your magic to the next level... this is for you!

  • by Sam

    Sep 2018

    Sleight School with Xavier Spade is, by itself, worth a couple months' subscription. Tons of gems with Brad Christian, my oldest magic teacher. So much to learn! I've been on Magic Stream over two months now and have truly taken my illusions to the next level. Thank you!

  • by Alex

    Jun 2018

    Even if you watch 5 videos a month and it’s worth the value. Solid buy and super happy with the level and amount of content on it!