Magix by Les French TWINS & JeanLuc Bertrand

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Can you use magic to seduce women?... Let's find out.

Magix is very different from your standard card effect.

It's bold, shocking & taboo... but you never get anywhere in life without taking risks.

The spectator thinks of a card and you take one thing from your wallet ... no not that. A card.

At the fingertips and with no cover, that card instantly transforms into a sealed condom.

The beauty of this effect is that they think it's a joke until they're asked to tear it open. Finding THEIR card, locked inside.

The moment you give them the condom. You're completely clean.

3... 2... 1 *Sound of screaming spectators*

Honestly, we weren't sure until we performed it, but this impossible souvenir is a true reputation maker.

STRONG and memorable.

Definitely more useful in your wallet than the real thing.

Make an impact. Get Magix TODAY.

"The best reaction I've had in years"

- JeanLuc Bertrand


No stone was left un-turned with the production of Magix.

JeanLuc flew to China to oversee manufacturing, making sure each gimmick would stand the test of time, through hundreds of performances.

The design of the souvenir is made with exquisite detail, making it perfectly examinable up-close.

It looks exactly like a condom until they open it.


"The best trick I saw at FISM. Totally caught me off guard. I knew we had to have it on E."

- Geraint Clarke

"I'm going to carry one in my wallet all the time."

- Peter McKinnon

Get out of your comfort zone. It's way more fun out here..

- Easy to do
- Resets in 1 second
- Reputation making magic... they DEFINITELY won't forget you after this.

Get Magix TODAY.

Format: Shippable Gimmick/Online Video Instructions
Difficulty: Too Easy
Additional Details: There are 4 boxes available. Spades, Hearts, Clubs & Diamonds. The boxes you get are at random, but ANY magician can get the same impact regardless of which ones they get.

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    This is too much Fun!! Pick your crowd Wisely. Good for Bar Atmospheres
  2. Summary

    In theory good and well constructed. What I don't understand is: the gimmick has a blue back and the cards within the condoms are purple. That really messed up my trick when I first performed it and means I cannot perform it anymore. Everybody says "well you showed me a blue card first and now a purple one".... too bad. Not sure what went wrong here.
  3. Summary

    Now only if we can precustom a your phone number before purchase