Marked Vintage 1800 Deck (Blue)


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The 1800 Vintage deck now holds a very special secret. Each card is individually marked with a covert system entwined into the natural design, allowing you to instantly read the suit and value simply by peeking the back.

No detail was left untouched-- artwork on each card was delicately hand-crafted by Ellusionist's top graphic team. Even the seal on the deck looks like it was left in a gritty New York alley "for a spell".

The cards are an illusion in themselves, because they may look very old, but they handle superbly. You have to keep telling yourself, this is a new deck of cards.

Available in red or blue backs, you'll quickly understand why these cards are so popular when you start using them yourself.

The cards look older than your aunt, but handle better than anything out there.

Pick up a deck, or 12, today.

Customer Reviews

  • by Jared

    Nov 2018

    Behind the Keepers these are my new go to deck! They handle okay out of the box they definitely need to be broken in but the possibilities of what is possible with this marked deck is unreal. They are easy to read unlike the normal marked decks you can actually read them from a distance. Not to mention you are not going to get caught with this marked deck if you take it to the movies because of the aged design that they have.

  • by MICHAEL

    Mar 2018

    This deck is better than I expected, I didn’t care if it handled well but it was a plus when I opened them and they just glided, the deck looks so old I’ve had people not want to touch them when they were brand new lol, my best haunted deck has been with this deck I want to say this deck tells the story for you...

  • by Cheyene

    Dec 2017

    This is a great deck of cards. I went to my local magic shop and was shown a deck and was even after being told they were marked, I couldn’t see where. I was impressed and bought a blue deck on the spot. I’ve read other reviews that say the markings are obvious, but I disagree. Even after showing a few people how they’re marked, they still couldn’t see it. After getting familiar with how everything is written, I don’t miss a card. I just need to buy another one so I can have doubles for other tricks. I guess the only other thing I would have wanted with it would be a double back, other than that, 5 stars.