MDX4 by Matthew Duarte

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Manipulating Ink. It's a power we wish we had in high school. With a swipe of the finger that C- changes to an A+. Come on, you've thought about it too.

Matthew Duarte's been an A+ student for years. With the thinking behind MDX4 - it's easy to see why.

Eric Jones walks you through the handling of this highly commercial magic - perfect for a walkaround environment.

• No Special Pens Required - Use a Normal Sharpie
• 5 Second Reset.
• Multiple Methods Taught;
• Any Card can be used - Spectator's choice
• Spectator Draws X's AND Signs Card Themselves.
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  1. Summary

    Good effect, but the set up is pretty elaborate.
  2. Summary

    Definitely a easy trick to pick up, practice will be required to create a performance around it, but overall mind-blowing. It is most likely that you will have to buy supplies for the gimmick if you don't do arts, crafts or handywork. Worth the time.
  3. Summary

    This trick is the best reaction building trick ever!!! If you want your audience to be clueless looking at cards then get this. The only reason it's four stars is because I had to make a gimmick (and if you get this so will you) with stuff I didn't even have or heard of.
  4. Summary

    Very easy to do, the gimmick is also very easy to make and Eric does a great job of explaining the effect.
  5. Summary

    visual and easy even a beginner can do this! highly recommended!
  6. Summary

    This is one of the best illusions on ... If done correctly it will be a Career Builder. It does take some time and it does take some practice, but anything in life that's amazing takes little work. No matter what else you may read ... I have performed this trick in a bar, surrounded ... and the response was nothing short of amazing ... . I think this is the trick of the year. Don't even hesitate, if you were thinking of buying anything .... this is it!!! If there were 10 stars, I would have clicked 10!!
  7. Summary

    very visual i recomend this for begginers
  8. Summary

    An incredible worker of a trick that will kill even the most skeptical of spectators.
  9. Summary

    This is one of the BEST tricks on Ellusionist! Worth the Money! And its worth the time to make the gimmick! :D
    I just love this trick! <3
  10. Summary

    I Love this trick but i have trouble performing it but when i do it amazes people if i were to change one thing i would try to find an easier way to make it but other than that it is awesome.