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The visual nature increases exponentially in Metal 3. If you can't perform something truly unbelieveable, then just.... cheat! What better way to cheat the system than to use gaffed coins. Coin gaffs take coin magic to a whole new arena. Metal gave you an effective base in coin magic. Metal 2 built a strong foundation to hone your skills. Metal 3 takes it to the next level, with professional gaff handling, opening you up to a new realm.

IMPORTANT: You must have Flipper and Expanded Shell coins to perform the material in Metal 3. We have established a partnership with master machinist Roy Kueppers who can create all of the required gaffs for Metal 3. You can reach him here. Note: Gaffed coins are not included with this DVD.

Metal 3 includes 9 of Jone's best routines taught in high-definition detail. It introduces shells and flipper coins, with a sniper-like attitude to making people question reality when they see magic like this.

'Sleight of hand takes you part of the distance. Gaffs create the difference between something that's amazing… and a real miracle.' -- Eric Jones

What's on the DVD

Metal 3 includes 9 full-force routines taught in high-definition detail. It introduces shells and flipper coins, and a host of moves that can be performed with them.

• EJ Copper Silver - A copper coin to silver coin routine that happens in the spectators hands. You have to see this one to believe it.

• Tap Change - An instant, open handed change of a coin that looks like a camera trick.

• 2 Coin Production & Vanish - Watch as 2 coins, phase in and out of existance, time and time again.

• Submerged - 3 Coins, through the table, one by one while the SPECTATOR catches the falling coins as the pass through the wood.

• Ode to Latta - 3 Coins pass through the body to the other hand, then vanish one by one.

• Pac Man Production - A quick, sharp 3 coin production to start off a routine right.

• Glitch Change - A slow, slow elegant coin change from silver, to copper, back to silver. The change, slowed down, is so striking.

• 3 Coin Vanish - Watch them fade out of sight, one by one, until nothing is left.

• Flash Coins Re-Lit
- Worth the price of the DVD. This is our favorite coin rotuine of all time. Have to see it to believe it.

• Introduction to Gaffs
• Gaffs; an inside look
• Tips, Performance footage and more.

If you don't own any coins we highly recommend picking some up. Ellusionist sells high-quality, custom Artifact coins (half dollar size) that will glimmer as you perform. The coins that we sell are NOT gaffed coins.

Looking for Gaff Coins? We have established a partnership with master machinist Roy Kueppers who can make ALL of your needed gaffs for Metal 3.

• Flipper coin (Required for Metal 3)
• Expanded Shell (Required for Metal 3)
• Folding coin
• Two sided
• Magnetic coins
• Shimmed
• Etc

He'll even create custom work based on your needs. Give him a shout, he's a great guy and you can reach him here.


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  1. Kevin

    So, I was a little hard on these coins initially. Been putting them to the paces; no fear to putting flipper in spectator hands (if we ever get to do that again), the Copper-Silver set here is a dream idea to work with too... Glitch is a priority of mine to really dig into and find a real personal routine... Just because.
  2. Kevin

    Well the pro flipper coin & shell used, described and handled does not match one given even in complete package. Disappointed in that. Now I'm expected to return and pay a 20% premium ($40) to get what I was told was included. This video is great... I ordered 4 too... Great! Coins from Roy are over-priced and hyped. Seen just as good in most magic shops for fraction less. The pro flipper was going to be the exception. But not so...
  3. Summary

    When I first bought this I already had experience in coin magic but I had seen Eric perform on 'Fool Us' and HOLY SH*T!!!! I knew I had to step it up. Great teaching and excellent routines that are taught....except for one, which I thought was a very good routine, the Ode to Latta, lesson not included. (Hence why this gets 4, not 5 stars.) If you can get passed that everything else seems great. Buying the coins is another thing, but no biggie: try amazon, ebay, your local magic shop, exist people!!! All in all, great video, superb teaching quality from Mr. Eric Jones, and bravo Ellusionist! Another great vid. This will take your coin to the next level, believe it!
  4. Summary

    Some good stuff. But, while they advertise "9 of Jone's best routines taught in high-definition detail", only 8 of them are taught. Ode to Latta, one of the better routines, is only performed. Not sure how that is "taught in high-definition detail".
  5. Summary

    Excellent teaching by an excellent teacher! Eric really goes into details as always! A lot of great tricks! Buy it, you wont regret it!
  6. Summary

    Even if you are not a fan of gaffed coins, this is still a must buy. Every now and then Eric teaches something within a gaffed routine that can be performed without them. And as always, Eric's teaching is excellent.
  7. Summary

    Very good teaching by Eric Jones. Never liked gaffed coins. But now i really do! This is a must buy for every coin magician out there!
  8. Summary

    You are not performing magic at this point, but miracles. The gaffed coins open unnumbered possibilities.
  9. Summary

    Best gaff dvd. Eric is the best teacher . You can't miss this!!!
  10. Summary

    I picked this up off of Eric Jones himself at a convention in May. He is one of the best educators around. These videos are really high quality, and he is so detailed that you never feel lost in the magic. This one has some of my favorite effects ever. I recommend them all.