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Metal 4 contains the coin magic that took Eric Jones into the most successful television shows of his life.

From his start performing simple coin tricks on the streets of Philly, to America’s Got Talent (Semi-Finalist), Penn and Teller (he beat them), and Masters of Illusion, Eric did it all with a few coins and these brilliantly crafted routines.

Now he's handing the routines over to YOU. 

In Metal 4: The best of Eric Jones, Eric will teach you methods, nuances and theory for creating magic that resonates deeply with the people watching it. Eric gives you coin magic that, for the first time ever, translates as well on stage as it does in person. This is THE material that he’s personally used to propel his career to stratospheric heights.

Whether it’s an audience of 1 person, or 1 million, Metal 4 will teach you the skills required to take your coin magic to a levels you never thought possible. 

Metal 4 is the Ultimate Collection. Eric’s ‘BEST OF’ material. The routines he chooses when he gets yet another call to perform on TV. 

Buy Metal 4 TODAY. 


The True and Actual America’s Got Talent Routine - Perform the coin routine that left the AGT judges speechless. The magic happens right in the spectators hands as Eric teaches you how to diminish coins one-by-one into this air. The re-appearance under the table is not taught, as it's only suitable for stage, but Eric teaches you a way to have them re-appear in the most motivated place. This is a close-up killer of a trick. 

Impossible Coins Across - Learn the trick that fooled the seasoned Penn & Teller on 'Fool Us'. Coins travel from one spectators hand to the other in an impossible way. Perfectly streamlined. This is one you need to know. Works close-up or on stage. 

Audio 2.0 - Hear the magic as it happens, the sweet sound of metal on metal echoes in your spectators ears.This routine uses 4 NORMAL coins. No gaffs.

OXY Clean -  3 coins appear in the cleanest manner and vanish one by one to any location you desire. This is quick go-to trick for any coin magician looking to establish their abilities in front of a new audience. 

Flash Coins Relit - This is our favorite routine on the project. Also taught in Metal 3, but now with Eric's preferred 'Quiver' ending... Almost all magic is better with fire and with the visual fire appearance of the second coin, Eric proves that rule.

Hell Bound Remix - 2 coins travel from America, around the world to China, in the blink of an eye. The instant change of the top coin looks like a camera trick… but isn’t.

+ BONUS ASK ME ANYTHING (AMA) INTERVIEW - While on set, we let our instagram audience pose hundreds of questions to Eric about his career ascension, coin work, card work and even the most embarrasing thing that has ever happened to him. Eric tells all in this exclusive interview, helping you see the true gold behind the silver. 

WATCH IMPOSSIBLE COINS ACROSS - This is THE coin trick that FOOLED Penn & Teller on their hit TV show. In Metal 4 you can learn exactly how this is done.

WATCH FLASH COINS RELIT - This is our favorite routine. Almost all magic is better with fire and with the visual appearance of the second coin, Eric proves that rule.


WATCH THE FAMOUS AGT ROUTINE - Without the table finale, Eric teaches you in Metal 4 how he vanished coins in each of the judges hands. This is the coin trick revered by MILLIONS!

WATCH OXY CLEAN IN ACTION - In this TV performance, Eric's opening trick is called OXY Clean. 3 coins appear in the cleanest manner and vanish one by one to any location you desire.



The problem with coin magic is that it can be difficult. However Metal 4 contains magic that ranges from outrageously easy, all the way to knuckle-busting coin work. 

You pick and choose what you work on. There's so much visual magic in this project, that you could take parts out of every routine depending on skill level. 

Eric Jones' expert tuition will guide you through every step of learning each powerful routine. Covering every element in high-def, with slow motion tutorials, so you can master everything Eric brings to you. 

In Metal 1, Ellusionist opened the door to beginner coin magic, in Metal 4 we've blown those doors off.

Grab your coins and dive into METAL 4 TODAY.


4 of the 6 routines on Metal 4 use a set of OXF coins. Eric likes to use Jamie Schoolcraft OXF coins (which sell for $250), but we have established a partnership with master machinist Roy Kueppers who has made more affordable non-magnetic version of OXF ($85 when bought separately) for Metal 4's routines. Get your 'NON MAGNETIC OXF coins set' and Metal 4 download for just $99.95 by clicking the dropdown above.


1.  I don't have OXF coins. 
No problem. Either order OXF from Jamie Schoolcraft (approx $250) or get the non-magnetic version we have from Roy Kueppers along with your download for $99.95. Click the dropdown above and select Metal 4 + Coins. 

2.  I need it all. 
Easy. Choose the Metal 4 + Coins + Quiver in the dropdown above and save over $20 on the full kit, everything included. 

3.  I already have OXF coins
Good. Just get the 'Metal 4 download only' by clicking the dropdown above. 


Customer Reviews

  • by K

    Dec 2018

    It’s Eric Jones and his best routines. With Ellusionist quality production. What more do you need?

  • by Alejandro

    Dec 2018

    Coin porn at it's finest

  • by Justin Macauley

    Nov 2018

    It has been over a decade since the last release of Metal.
    Eric Jones has done it again and this time with Metal 4. He does not disappoint. Long time fans of the Metal series will be delighted to know that this mp4 was created with care and quality. Scenes are crisp and clear and blow away previous videos in this series. There is a whole new selection of routines to add onto what you already know and advance yourself further. Get ready, it is time for Metal 4! #kingofkoins