Metamorphosis by PH

Downloadable Video

You’ll add these vivid moves to your working repertoire in no time.
PHontheRoof brings “Metamorphosis” to the magic scene….not one, but THREE fiery color changes that are exceptionally useful in real life and MUCH easier than they look.
For the price of one, you’ll be getting three new moves to work on.  Start today.

Customer Reviews

  • by Felix

    Oct 2018

    First I have to say that the changes as itself are great! But... The tutorial is without anyone speaking! There are some speaking boxes, but nothing else... The difficulty is intermediate, but if you are a beginner and you take your time this shouldn't be a problem. With spoken explanation 5 stars, but without just 3.5

  • by Nicolas

    Aug 2018

    The changes itself are great and certainly a good addition to your arsenal. The reason I am only willing to rate it 3 stars is the video though, which obiviously is just as much part of the product as the sleights are.
    I am honestly a bit disappointed that the video does not give any spoken explanation. There are explanatory boxes added in post put there are no further tips or explanations. Maybe I am expecting too much but this is how I know it from Theory11. Especially the first change is hard to understand in the first place because everything is shown rather fast and with few bits of explanation.
    Great changes and a - in my view- poor video make me give 3 stars.

  • by RT

    Jul 2018

    The changes are great and not hard at all.

    The corner change, the first, was most problematic for me because I grip the deck in the wrong direction. If I work at it long enough I'll get it down. It looks very good though. For an average skilled worker this will be very easy to learn and is a superb table hopping audience approach effect.

    The second change is a mind buster. What an idea. You simply flick a face-up card and it changes instantly. Worth the price of the set. This requires beginner level skill.

    Last is a single cards change. Not really hard but it does have some viewing concerns. Best done a couple of feet back. In the hands of a master this will look like a miracle. It requires some skill and dedication but is worth the time to learn.

    All in all I'm very satisfied with the trio.