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 As you stare at the card intently you will draw your middle finger across the length of the card from a few inches above - at no time do you touch the card. Slowly, at first almost imperceptibly, the card begins to bend upward.

The only way a card can bend normally is for a person to apply pressure to the edges and actually bend it, but at no time does this happen. You. Don't. Touch. The. Card.

They see it happen. It happens before their eyes as the seconds tick by. They can stare at the card until their blood runs cold and they won't know what happened.

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  1. Beyond imagination...

    MindBender is one of those tricks that its secret is so simple and MindBlowing in the same time. THAT is real magic. After the right presentation this trick can make people think you're using a part of your mind that you normally wouldn't. Your human nature will be DEFIED - no joke! At first it didn't impress me that much, but I soon realized I had found a treasure. If you're looking for something REALLY powerful, all you have to do is to know some mentalism (Invisible Deck for instance) and buy MindBender...
  2. Great Trick

    I performed this trick for a friend and he could not believe his eyes. Set up time only takes seconds and your audience will never guess how it is done. I recommend this trick for everyone.
  3. If I had to show someone what REAL magic is, this would be it.

    This....should never be called a 'trick'. It is sheer awesome packed into single card. For anyone who wants to quiet any crowd, this will do it.

    This DVD teaches the whole process, from start to finish extremely well and in no time I was bending cards like a madman! If you have any doubts about the effect, stop and just get the video. Once you see how beautiful it is, you will kick yourself for waiting so long to have this in your arsenal!
  4. It approaches true magic

    I've been doing magic for 45 years on the street, at parties, and as a demo man; Mindbender is the strongest thing I have ever seen. It approaches true magic. "Believe that you are actually doing the bending and you will automatically act correctly. This is a closer, because you won't be able to top it, not with anything.
  5. ...The uproar that followed cannot be expressed....

    I rarely perform for friends. I'm talking about a routine or two every three months. I plan a routine, learn it, rehearse it, and then I'll perform it for different groups of friends to take notes on which effects to toss, which to keep, which to work on, if I need to routine it differently, and so on and so forth so that I may be on top of my game for when/if I start doing this professionally. They're getting pretty use to me never doing magic until I am ready, and they talk about it to everyone they know when I am performing again. They love it when I do magic, and have no idea how many times I have heard them tell me how amazing something is. It makes it a little hard to go through this elimination process.
    Starting in November I started working on a routine that I have been trying to flesh out for about a year. The whole routine is based on me barely ever touch the cards, there's a total of two sleights (and they're only in the first effect), and it consists of some of the strongest magic that I know of. I spent a little over two months rehearsing all of this, making sure everything is perfect, and then I see MindBender and realize that this routine of mine is not perfect, that MindBender was missing from it. That may sound like I wasn't content. Not true. Even though I just got this routine laid out, I've been working on it mentally for a long time. I knew what it required, and this visual masterpiece was a requirement indeed. Mid-January comes around. I'm having a small party at my house, and a friend, hoping that I'll perform, throws me the deck of cards on my table. Little does he know how much I am willing to oblige. The routine kills them. I've received silent reactions from a person or two before, but not from a roomful. After a minute or so, they finally start to react. I let their reaction go until I feel like the tension has been released. I quiet them down, telling them I am not done, and begin MindBender. I bring the card right up to a girl's eyes so that she can see it bend some. Her eyes widen, her mouth opens slightly as if she is about to say something, or to gasp, and I swear that even I can feel the chill running through her. I then do the bend on her hand. Her inaudible reaction just got bigger. I have her take a look at the card. She takes it off, I hold out the deck and gently grab her hand so that she can set it on top of the deck. When I hold it up for everyone to see how much the card bent, one of my best friends just starts laughing and walks out of the room, saying that he needs another drink.

    The uproar that followed cannot be expressed. There was too much going on. People shouting, people laughing, and people standing not doing anything but smiling their head off, or looking to be locked in pure consternation, as if they just witnessed me opening a portal to the realm of spirits. I've gotten powerful reactions, but this, this was over the top.
  6. A brilliant effect with an even more brilliant method that is nearly impossible to figure out.

    A brilliant effect with an even more brilliant method that is nearly impossible to figure out.
  7. Want to bend an object without using gimmicks?

    Want to bend an object without using gimmicks? Want to bend an object actually using your mind? Look no further than Mindbender."
  8. ... will enter the "miracle class' of effects.

    ... will enter the "miracle class' of effects.
  9. you gotta pick this up.

    Like any Ellusionist video, the product is split up into numerous sections for easy navigation. You're going to want to watch this video again and again. Not just to pick something else up - but to sit in awe as you see this card bend.

    Once you've watched the show opener for the millionth time, which is where Anthony, the creator of this effect demonstrates how freaky this thing is, Brad, as always gives his top tips on what to do and what not to do. He doesn't just detail the very simple method, but loosens you up from square one so that you go into this thing completely in control. This is before you've even encountered the training section, by Justin Miller.

    Justin's a great teacher. You may even see a little of Brad and his Ninja days in him. The way he gives such a simple factor a healthy complexity that allows any standard of magician to grab with both hands and apply into his or her performance is very effective.

    After more comments from Brad Christian, we get the down 'n' dirty performances from the very creator, Anthony Co. NOTE --> Of course, Brad's expert voice-overs come into action on this video too...

    The experience and tension created amongst this effect that bursts out of every performance you see adds to the importance of that very thing - PERFORM this effect, do not just do it. This is something that Anthony and the two mentors emphasize in the video time and time again.

    I'm not sure if you realize how hard-hitting this thing has the potential to be when performed right. But one thing is for sure, you gotta pick this up.
  10. I have not seen anything that punched me in the face with such strong VISUAL magic...

    I have not seen anything that punched me in the face with such strong VISUAL magic...