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Mini decks are the definition of packs small, plays huge.

The potential of them has yet to be explored. Until now.

MINI is a collection of 6 routines that help you unlock the true potential of a prop you never knew you needed, but you won't be able to live without.

Creator of best-selling downloads Weak, The Greek Switch & Bleed, Perseus Arkomanis is back.

With him, he brings the ability to tear, shrink or expand playing cards at will.

The best part? This intensive Mini deck course gives you first-hand experience from Perseus' years of real-world performing.

Size DOES matter. Download MINI today.


Mini me
An indifferent card is pinned to the table under a snap of your finger, visibly shrinking down into a mini card as it hits the surface. Matching the spectators selection.

Ridiculously easy to do. You'll be performing this INSTANTLY.

As a selection tumbles down the rabbit hole, landing in the spectators hand it turns into a mini, almost-cartoon-like version of itself.
Fast, visual and memorable.

An inspiring presentation about Kings sees 4 mini Kings expand into 4, full bodied, poker size cards.

Half right
Spectators love nothing more than for a trick to go wrong. Magic isn't real and they can return to their skepticism.

BUT wait, you tear the 10 to make it a 5. Then the half card morphs into their selection. Their belief in magic is restored.

Math effects are boring. However, in Torn, you actually get a lesson in subtraction when you see a big 6 visibly tear into 2 mini cards. A 4 & 2.

Goblins or Trolls
Magic is all about the impossible, and this Mini sandwich is a WTF moment.

This is one of those effects where you spectator is going to sit there silent trying to work out how you pulled a normal card from in-between two mini cards.


Format : Download/Stream
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 34 Minutes
Additional Notes: You will need a mini deck to perform these effects. Preferably one that matches your normal sized deck. You can buy them in our playing card section.
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  1. Summary

    I absolutely LOVE Mini! As Perseus says, Mini decks are way over looked but in this download he shows you that adding just one or two mini cards can create something amazingly visual!

    I love the fact that there are gimmicks effects as well as none gimmicked effects. I think ever one of them are great and I think everybody would find their own favourite! Mine is definitely Mini Me!

    100% recommend this download you won't be disappointed.
  2. Summary

    All six tricks are relatively easy to perform and they will get great responses!
    You do need two matching full sized decks well as (of coarse) the matching mini.
    He not only shows how to do the tricks, but how to use some of the "moves" in other tricks without the use of mini cards!
    Unfortunately Bicycle has stopped selling there standees mini, so u can't use bicycle cards :(.
    Definitely worth it!