Mirage by JB Dumas & David Stone

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"Another amazing David Stone release that I'll be carrying with me."

- Doug McKenzie

Endorsed and used consistently by magician David Stone. Mirage is a compact, lightweight & versatile gimmick that allows for THE most visual deck vanish in history.

Based on the original vanishing deck created by Paul Harris, this ALL NEW ultra flat device gives you the power to produce, vanish or encase your deck instantly.

Mirage can be hidden in plain sight, taking refuge in your deck until it's time to pounce.

Creator, JB Dumas, teaches 6 practical routines that force your spectator to question what they've just seen.

Visuals so stunning, they're forced to believe they imagined it.

It's really that clean.

A commercial miracle you can perform anytime, anywhere.

• Easy To Do
• You control the speed
• Resets Instantly
• Multi-purpose... Use for appearances, vanishes etc

The perfect crescendo for your card routines.

You're not hallucinating. Get Mirage TODAY.

"Definitely a keeper for your card magic."

- Lee Asher

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  1. Summary

    This is an illusion that works for me pretty good in the evenings. The gimmick is pretty much the trick and this is it, seems because the performance can be a little bit harder, in the introduction itself is says easy to do, not the case! There is a professional skill level necessary because the gimmick needs to be brought in the sight a the viewer, this audience needs to be distracted before your Mirage will have a mind blowing effect. Never the less a beginner magician will freak out the spectator with a simple basic handling, but you need knowledge of the best techniques to make Mirage a miracle.
  2. Summary

    This is a very good product. The gimmick is ingenious and works perfectly. Very visual and magical. It is a little pricy, but I would recommend it to anyone.
  3. Summary

    The simplicity yet multiple uses of this are amazing. I'm a big believer that the ultimate outcome and reaction of the laymen depends on the skill of the magician. This trick does require some special handling if you plan to keep it in your pocket or wallet, but WELL worth the adjustment. The instructional videos are the best of any I've used from any vendor. Five stars without hesitation.