Moritz Mueller One Coin Routine

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At age 15, Moritz Mueller has taken the world by storm.

With more hits on youtube than we've sold decks, his infectious smile and effortless handling has us all hooked... Magician & Laymen alike.

In this exclusive download Moritz teaches his approach to astounding magic with just one coin.

Mueller has been praised for his flow & routining with coins.

- No Switching
- No Shells
- No Gaffs
- Can be done with a borrowed coin

This is far more than method. This is brand new philosophy, timing and rhythm.

If a 15 year old can do it, you can too.

Learn Mueller's Routine TODAY.

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  1. Justin

    Amazing! I was just a beginner with coin magic and sleight of hand, but this download taught me a lot! It is a little difficult for beginners and I still need some work but overall, this video is great for coin magic and 100% it will improve sleight of hand!
  2. Summary

    This was a really fun routine to learn. I first did the whole thing as intended by Moritz an then tweaked it a bit so it fit my style more.
    The explanation is very nice an detailed and while some moves take more practice than others, it is overall really fun to learn. You can really take the whole routine apart and make it your own and modify it.

    It really helps you with your coin handling, especially if you're still a beginner.

    Highly recommended.
  3. Summary

    So I just purchased this download today and am exceptionally surprised at how thoroughly he explains the sleights. This I would suggest to an intermediate coin magician as well as card magicians. As you have probably noticed he has an immense amount of dexterity and just glides through the tutorial, but it’s not just on Moritz, I also appreciate the Ellusionist team bringing in a variety of age groups for their magic routines. From Eric Jones to, well, Moritz Mueller. They don’t leave out anybody. Back to the trick Moritz finds the easiest way to do something that appears impossible. We watch in pure awe and I will say even with practice I doubt I’ll be as good as this 15 year old kid. Let’s just say this trick, One Coin Routine by Moritz Mueller is by far the best purchase I have made from Ellusionist. Thank you for taking the time to read my review and taking my word for what’s good in this download.