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At age 15, Moritz Mueller has taken the world by storm.

With more hits on youtube than we've sold decks, his infectious smile and effortless handling has us all hooked... Magician & Laymen alike.

In this exclusive download Moritz teaches his approach to astounding magic with just one coin.

Mueller has been praised for his flow & routining with coins.

- No Switching
- No Shells
- No Gaffs
- Can be done with a borrowed coin

This is far more than method. This is brand new philosophy, timing and rhythm.

If a 15 year old can do it, you can too.

Learn Mueller's Routine TODAY.

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  1. Kurtis

    This is a lovely routine that really brings together some of the most beautiful slights together.
    He doesn’t go into a lot of detail on how to preform the slights but there is enough there to learn from him.
    The filming angles aren’t great. Over the shoulder is great for exposing but there need to be a spectators view to see how it should look and done slowly. I had to use the trailer to get a feel for how it should look.
    He is very talented and this is definitely going to blow a few minds.
  2. Summary

    Its a good routine, not just a vanish. Moves are strung together elegantly, if not always deceptively. My main issue is that the explanation is shot over the left shoulder which makes it difficult to see what's going on in the left hand. Still, for the price, it's well recommended and Moritz has a very warm gentle persona and gives credit to the original authors of sleights used in the routine.
  3. Justin

    Amazing! I was just a beginner with coin magic and sleight of hand, but this download taught me a lot! It is a little difficult for beginners and I still need some work but overall, this video is great for coin magic and 100% it will improve sleight of hand!
  4. Summary

    This was a really fun routine to learn. I first did the whole thing as intended by Moritz an then tweaked it a bit so it fit my style more.
    The explanation is very nice an detailed and while some moves take more practice than others, it is overall really fun to learn. You can really take the whole routine apart and make it your own and modify it.

    It really helps you with your coin handling, especially if you're still a beginner.

    Highly recommended.
  5. Summary

    So I just purchased this download today and am exceptionally surprised at how thoroughly he explains the sleights. This I would suggest to an intermediate coin magician as well as card magicians. As you have probably noticed he has an immense amount of dexterity and just glides through the tutorial, but it’s not just on Moritz, I also appreciate the Ellusionist team bringing in a variety of age groups for their magic routines. From Eric Jones to, well, Moritz Mueller. They don’t leave out anybody. Back to the trick Moritz finds the easiest way to do something that appears impossible. We watch in pure awe and I will say even with practice I doubt I’ll be as good as this 15 year old kid. Let’s just say this trick, One Coin Routine by Moritz Mueller is by far the best purchase I have made from Ellusionist. Thank you for taking the time to read my review and taking my word for what’s good in this download.
  6. Summary

    I realized that my sleight of hand needs work and I am not really a card trick kind of guy so I have attempted to work on some of the card illusions and coin illusions that involve sleights with the help of large mirrors and video recording myself. In addition to my older video collection of slights I wanted to learn some new stuff. This is when I saw "Next Spellbound" and this "One Coin" video... I have seen Moritz online before and his sleight of hand is great! The movements were very natural and at $9 it is a great deal to learn his moves and hear his thoughts on their presentation. Every manipulation was an obvious sleight to a magician watching but done very well. Most anyone can do these but it will take practice. I have played guitar for a few decades now and Magic is not new to me either. I consider myself a finger athlete and that said, the moves are very specific and although most are not hard you need to know how and why to do them which is always a challenge. There are many points that the kid brings up which make a big difference and you need to remember them and do each one but once you do, there is basically no set up other than having - in my case- a dollar sized coin. I found I can use a 50c coin but I am larger and older so bigger makes a ton of difference. He points out many subtle moves/reasoning and demonstrates them clearly for you. He speaks clearly in English and explains even minor details with why you do this or that very well. He also credits the styles used correctly and drops names of the people where they deserve it! Kudos for knowing your art and passing it on which is much better than just here is this move and showing it! I will say this, if you are a sleight of hand person with your illusions then this will be easier than if you are not. This kid is very dexterous (a perfect example at 10:50 the way he wiggles his little fingers is way cool. Not only back and forth on x axis but the y one to!) I am not so slight of the hand and I have bigger hands for a person my size (I am 155pds, 5'8 with an athletic build). I have longer fingers and wear large or extra large gloves when most people my size would go med to smaller large sized. That should give you a rough idea of my hand size. This is why you need to know all this stuff about me... in the video he works what appear to be 50c coins but he is a small kid yet. I initially attempted with a 50c coin but my hands were too large and several of the holds were difficult but I could do them all. That is when I began looking at what he used, thought about the mechanical side and looked for my silver dollars. When I found one of them I attempted the same moves and this was MUCH BETTER! Real silver dollars are harder to manipulate so I ordered some especially for magic illusions as many of you likely have done. If you have larger hands and not got any dollar sized yen or replica palming silver dollars you better order some or this download is going to fluster you. If you are about 10 you probably could get away with 50c pieces and English Pennies but again I would go with the ones made for magic palming specifically that are sold here as well as many other popular magic stores. Another thought... I use the old stand by for magicians of waxing my fingertips as well as the coins ever so slightly before I do slights like these. The softer waxes are better or sometimes a harder wax for the base with just a little softer wax on top. Again I do not put enough to see unless you really get in and examine the coins. If I use some harder wax then it goes in my pocket for about 20 minutes (the whole container) and by then my body heat makes it more workable for a short time. If you feel the need to let the spectator examine a coin (which I would not) a quick breath, polish on the shirt or pant leg should remove the wax enough so they will not be suspicious or you could just tell them it is your skin cream that you over use. I prefer Michael Ammar Magic wax by Palmer Magic. No one paid me to say this I am just sharing my 2 cents on what is making this work for me. So overall, if you are an adult you will most likely need a dollar sized coin and wax for these maneuvers. I do not believe it is mentioned anywhere what size he uses or if he suggested wax although the way the coin appears to balance and ride his hands I would bet he is either in a warm moist climate or using wax. It is cold where I am, the air is cold and my hands are dry/lotion covered all the time. Before I do this stuff I wash them and apply a little wax, things work much better. I will say this video was EXTREMELY powerful and any one of these coin flourishes would make the novice wonder and fellow illusionists envy. You will need to practice and most likely not be doing the routine for several days or maybe even weeks if you give it the respect it deserves. I would buy this again and when M&M comes out with a new video I will not hesitate to purchase it either! Great moves, very easy to follow and mildly challenging to learn! I will say it is easier than some other coin sleight videos sold here I have bought. About half as hard to do as "Next Spellbound," half the price but still visually amazing! My other thought is possibly adding magnetic coins and a magnet under clothing to ditch/produce them. Maybe I will get some but they are about 50-70 more bucks each and regular coins are 3-6 so until I know the moves (I have lost large expensive magnetic coins before... they bounce and stick to the most invisible places, it sucks) I am not investing more than I have to. Decide what kind of wax and coins you will need before you watch it
  7. Summary

    Firstly this is not for a first time coin magician. Having said that it's also not for the super advanced. The beauty of this download is the routine. No new moves that are not in almost every coin magic book. What is great is that the routine is flowing, easy to remember and purposeful. Nothing is forced. Something you can do impromptu. Loved every minute of it.
  8. Summary

    Absolutely amazing routine. This is a must have
  9. Summary

    GET THIS! Even if some things are difficult, its well worth the practice, and you don't have to use all of it. Its definitely worth it!
  10. Summary

    Great video. I was caught practicing this by the nephew and he said it was cool . The Parker seal of approval