Motorcycle Change by Valdemar Gestur

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Motorcycle Change by Valdemar Gestur
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  1. Summary

    This is a good simple change a little jerky but at the right time will get a good reaction
  2. Useable

    Though this wasn't the greatest change by far, if pulled off right it can have a decent effect. Unfortunately for small handed folks such as myself it can be a risky venture that may not be worth its rewards. It requires a specific type of hide, and can only be performed from a limited number of angles. For a frontset audience and with a little practice though, it can have a nice effect.
  3. A great color change: very casual and they never see it coming.

    First of all, I have a Mac and I had a little trouble downloading the product. Ellusionist support talked me through it and I was good to go in minutes. Thanks.

    The trick itself is great to drop in any card routine. It's smooth, no reset and very surprising. I'm a musician and I do my routines around the merch booth after shows; often, I have only the deck of cards I leave in the merch case when we're on the road. I use Motorcycle Change in my version of the Vegas cheat routine and it works beautifully.

    I think I love the Learn Now options offered on Ellusionist. It's an affordable resource when you want something new to add to a routine that has gotten...well, routine.