Move by Gianni Vox

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Gianni Vox's second release with Ellusionist brings cards into the mix.

Move involves two playing cards. The spectator signs one card, you sign the other. Your initials snap and jump from the face of your card, to the face of their signed card.

Two signatures on the face of one card, a souvenir and an impossible story to tell their friends.

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Customer Reviews

  • by AJ Counsil

    Apr 2014

    another variation of the "here then there" concept (not actual trick) just signatures switching instead of cards. I love it, but not the cleanup and thats where the fifth star went lol.

  • by Marcus Yeo

    Apr 2014

    Wow, just wow. This trick itself is amazing, it gets great reactions from people and the method is so simple. Not to mention that Gianni Vox teaches it very well with alternative handling. The cut from the video didn't really bother me like other people because i thought it was necessary.

  • by Jonathan Hulst

    Feb 2014

    With some practice, this is a mind blowing effect. Enjoyed it a lot.