MYST by Henri White

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NOTE: Myst is for the serious performer and only for those 18 and older. This effect requires some set-up, and is routined to be performed once in a parlour or stage setting. Not suitable for close-up/table hopping...Unless it's the very first effect you perform.

MYST is a piece of parlour show perfection, tailored specifically for the serious performer by Henri White.

Henri is one of London's most popular magicians; by day he works in one of the world's most famous department store located in upmarket London, by night he's one of the most requested close-up performers across the city.

His professional appearances demand eery, visual, organic magic, and MYST is no exception.

Cause a drinkable bottle of Milk to immediately plume into a cloud of smoke, dissipating in front of your spectators eyes ... Or use your unquestionable power to turn ice-cold water into a steaming-hot mug of h2o.

Produces smoke from ANY liquid

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Format: Download
Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced
Duration: 14 Minutes
Additional: Some purchase may be necessary. Not suitable for Under 18's.
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  1. Summary

    I thought about buying this effect and hoped it would not include some expensive chemical ingredient.

    I was so excited and relieved that you basically have everything @ home (or almost everything) to "make" this fine effect work.

    Setup is easy and you can use even smaller "utensils" than told in the video to set it up more secretly.

    I wish the creator all the best and congratulate him for this idea.

    Greetings from germany

  2. Summary

    So, to begin, this is the most creative way I've seem smoke produced. I wasn't close at all with my guess! So, here we go.

    Method- The method is devious as hell. When all is said and done, you are 100% clean. Really.

    Effects- The effects shown are the ones taught. They are simple, easy, and magical. 1000% clean afterwards.

    Practical?- I say yes. There is set up, but its easy to set up. Of course, you can't do this in front of someone. But, once set up, it's ready to go. Therefore, if you want to fit this into an act or routine, that's the place for it. It's not really a street or walk around magic piece. Or it could be, if you find a place for it!

    Difficulty- Easy as cake.

    Overall- I think everyone who is thinking of making some sort of act, should get this. It's inexpensive to download, very inexpensive to create, and versatile. It's in a different area of performance than other smoke products out there. But, in a good way. If you can't find a use for it, it's worth banking the knowledge for later. Very happy with it!