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Mystery Deck
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NOTE: Month 11 is now over. The deck has changed and this is month 12. We'll be changing this deck out late-August 2020. Ensure it says MONTH 13 on the product page if you're expecting a different deck. 

The Ellusionist mystery deck is a guaranteed way to own an unreleased or rare deck from our warehouse. 

Often, we print 3 or 4 decks ahead of our releases and this is a super fun way to let you share in our excitement of upcoming decks. 

For just $8.49 you'll be guaranteed an unreleased or rare deck. No filler, no seconds and no slow-selling playing cards.

PRICING: Prices for decks are not always equal. If you buy a mystery deck you're paying for early and exclusive access to this design until general release.  The deck price upon release may be slightly lower or slightly higher than what you paid. This is not intentional. Sometimes you get a bargain and sometimes you pay just $1 more to be the first to have something (or the only ones if it's a super limited release). That's where the mystery comes in - and we think that's fun. No matter what you pay, your deck will always be worth it. 

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  1. Summary

    I thought I'd buy a mystery deck and see what I get. I got the Bicycle Masters Legacy Edition. Pretty cool deck!
  2. Abi

    I got the tinker deck a few months ago as well as month 5's Ellusionist Team Deck. The tinker was a really welcome surprise, and an intriguing deck! I did already own the Team Deck, but its a really incredible deck nonetheless so I'm absolutely fine having another one! Overall, I love the idea of this, and will continue to buy them as they go!
  3. Santiago

    Tinker.....What a deck!
  4. Gordon

    Hmm...well, I didn’t read the description on this so my fault, I guess. I didn’t realize that there was one and only one deck available per month. I bought several and was surprised that they were all the same. I was thinking that the deck would be randomly chosen from several different ones. So... next time I will read the description more carefully.
  5. Summary

    All seriousness aside, I LOVE the new bicycle 1900 blue deck (month #1 Deck) :D
  6. James

    FIRST ... ... All kidding aside, I LOVE the new “mystery” (aka Bicycle 1900 - Blue) deck. I cannot explain, in prose, how amazing this deck is. You can easily tell a lot of work went into this new Ellusionist deck - from the multicolored 1900 cloth-style seal; to the intricate artwork on the backs of the cards; to the aged, and period-style, design and artwork of the tuck case (but not distressed like the 1800 deck); to the classic-crushed, (aged, but not distressed) USPCC stock; the custom, (almost-mirrored) “smoke break” jokers that include a reveal(s); Ace of Spades reflecting the period artwork on the front of the tuck; King of Spades including a card reveal; double-backer gaff card; and many more “mysteries” that I’ll leave for future buyers of this “mystery deck” to see. Make sure to grab this deck before they’re all gone.