Mystery Deck

Mystery Deck
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NOTE: Month 4 is now over. The deck has changed and this is month 5. We'll be changing this deck out January 2020. Ensure it says MONTH 6 on the product page if you're expecting a different deck. 

The Ellusionist mystery deck is a guaranteed way to own an unreleased or rare deck from our warehouse. 

Often, we print 3 or 4 decks ahead of our releases and this is a super fun way to let you share in our excitement of upcoming decks. 

For just $9.95 you'll be guaranteed an unreleased or rare deck. No filler, no seconds and no slow-selling playing cards.

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  1. Santiago

    Tinker.....What a deck!
  2. Gordon

    Hmm...well, I didn’t read the description on this so my fault, I guess. I didn’t realize that there was one and only one deck available per month. I bought several and was surprised that they were all the same. I was thinking that the deck would be randomly chosen from several different ones. So... next time I will read the description more carefully.
  3. Summary

    All seriousness aside, I LOVE the new bicycle 1900 blue deck (month #1 Deck) :D