NEO Coin Table Matrix by Justin Miller

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The Coin Matrix is recognized as a classic in magic. Justin Miller has taken that classic and spun it on it's head. The Neo Coin Matrix steps away from the traditional effect with 4 coins as Justin makes them jump invisibly, magically, and impossibly under a single card.

Direct from Justin's working repertoire to yours. You can learn this effect right now including all the small touches, and subtleties that make this look so magical.

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  1. Summary

    Absolutely amazing. Great handling and great teaching in the video. This is very hard to reverse engineer after seeing it once. Amazing work and I use this a ton.
  2. Summary

    I have been doing a traditional matrix that requires no additional coins for years. This is a nice follow up when people ask me to do it over. Clear instruction, a very attainable trick for all levels. The move to accomplish the second steal is a nice bonus/modification of something coin workers use all the time but JM's tweak makes it more natural. For the price this is a great value!
  3. Summary

    This was the first thing that I bought by JM and i just have to say that its a beautiful effect and no one that i preform it to has ever figured it out and i have done it up 3 times for a group of people