NINJA 1: Stealth Technique - test

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NINJA 1: Stealth Technique - test
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Ninja has received ungodly raves from it's users.

A trick either has electrifying impact, or it doesn't.  This is the single key to your success as a card worker. You use whatever means necessary to achieve the most impact possible.

By Brad Christian
Bay Area, San Francisco, CA

To do powerful magic you have to make magic look real.

Within Ninja, you are shown the methods to create powerful effects that only a small number of people even know about or do.

The techniques in Ninja-1 took me years to amass. 

I didn't just "come across" a book or video that taught me how to do this stuff.  You did...  you came across this video with my years of searching and studying packed into it.  I wish I could have come across my own video 20 years ago.

I learned this stuff from great, great older magicians and from scouring super old, dusty books for hours, weeks - years.  I trained with Slydini himself in New York for I don't know how long - sitting at his little formica kitchen table with him staring at me, over and over yelling, "that's not-a da WAY ya DO it!"  (Gotta take your lumps).

The Little Girl in the magic shop...

I was standing in the "Arcade Magic and Novelty" store in Toronto and watching Nick Fabian (what a card man!) bend down to a little girl who was in the store shopping with her mother.

Nick asked her if she wanted to see a trick and she said yes please.  He held out a deck of cards and did the beautiful Erdnase color change'... but pretended to pull the top card off into his hand (it's a different way to do the change - instead of "changing" the card you act like you take the card off the pack into your right hand)... 

Then he crumpled his hand and the card "disappeared". 

He so slowly reached under the hem of the little girl's dress and SLOWLY pulled out the card.  It was amazing...  she couldn't believe it.

Watching Nick change what he did based on the audience he had in the moment (he made it very SIMPLE for that little girl, but brilliant at the same time).... these are the lessons I got when I was a kid, as well as hundreds of one-on-one lessons from the greats who hung around the shop...  The Amazing Randi, Harry Smith, and especially Tom Baxter - who seemed to know absolutely everything about absolutely everything. Even now, Tom can walk into ANY room of people and keep them rapt for two hours straight as he performs magic and mindrreading with any objects avaialble.

(By the way, talking about "slow".... if you want a tip that will improve your magic ten-fold right now.... slow down every single thing you do 80% - especially flourishes.  I see a ton of video on the net and every last one of you go way, WAY too fast.  Did you know that even the pass doesn't need to be done fast?  That's one of the myths we crush in Ninja.)


So what is included in the Ninja training program?

Here's a content list...

01.   Mechanic’s Grip
02.   Basic Pass
03.   Triple Cut – on Table
04.   Triple Cut – in Hands
05.   Bullet Deal
06.   Invisible Pass (square-up misdirection)
07.   Turnover Pass
08.   Herrmann Pass
09.   Riffle Pass
10.   In-Jog Shuffle Control
11.   Throw Jog Control
12.   Fan Jog Control
13.   LePaul Triple Roll Location
14.   One Hand Pass (Merlin Tip Over Change)
15.   Vegas Switch (Downs Change)
16.   Spin Change
17.   Classic Color Change (Houdini, not Erdnase)

  • Several ways to make a card appear hopelessly lost in the deck - yet maintain control easily
  • Several simple but beautiful triple cuts - two of which are done standing up and are ideal for street magic.  Your desired card will always be in total control.
  • The super hot BULLET DEAL ...
    Make cards rip off the top of the deck using one hand.
  • You will also get the "one handed pass" that's driving everyone so nuts... I'll tell you why these people have been fooled by misdirection alone...  that's the power of the Vegas routine.  In part, the whole routine is simply a build up -  for this one move that slays people in their seat.  And guess what?  Compared to the pass, the "one-handed" pass is EASY.