NINJA 1: Stealth Technique


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In the Ninja Series you will learn how to create powerful effects that only a small number of people even know about, or do.  Get rid of "white noise" of shops selling stuff that doesn't teach you magic with razor-hot impact.

Ninja has received ungodly raves from its users.

A card trick either has impact, or it doesn't.

Even if it's a small trick - it must go off like a BOMB in your audience.

It's the one secret to why David Blaine succeeded when so many others failed. Use whatever means necessary to create powerful impact....anything goes. This is what seals your fate as a card trick master - even if you can only do some basic card tricks right now.

Customer Reviews

  • by Robert Cook

    Dec 2013

    This DVD is definitely worth the money. I didn't give it 5 stars because of a few things that bothered me. Brad talks a lot about performing the sleights slowly and smoothly. Then when he shows examples of performance speed he does them smoothly but very fast. Also we could have used some additional angles showing how he gets away with some of the moves. However, criticisms aside, I did learn a lot from Ninja I and it gets a thumbs up.

  • by michael blau

    Jun 2013

    This dvd has some great stuff. ADD TO CART.

  • by George Keramidis

    Jun 2013

    The very interesting sequel of Ninja series is here to amaze you!