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At Magic LIVE this year a shy young man walked up to our team, with his sleeves pulled up, threw a borrowed coin through a portal in the air and made it appear in our awaiting hands... 3 feet away.

That guy was Jeffrey Wang. The creator of 'Now You Sleeve Me'.

What makes Jeffrey's sleeving so unique, is that he can tell you it's sleeving and you STILL don't believe him.

His flawless method has none of the tell-tale signs of dirty work.

- The hands remain flat and rigid.

- The sleeves can be pulled up, away from the extreme edge of the wrist.

- You see the coin, sharpie - ANYTHING, right up until the last moment.

Presented by two-time AGT Winner & Vegas Headliner Shin Lim and in collaboration with, this visual medley contains:

  • The JT Vanish - Jeffrey's first method to sleeve, sharpies, coins, jumbo coins and anything else you can think of.
  • The JC Vanish - This is the one where it vanishes with a clap.
  • Reappearances
  • Transpositions
  • Portal effect - This one you won't see in the trailer, but it's our absolute favorite.
  • Multiple changes
  • Circle Vanish - Jeffrey's favorite from the entire project.
  • Circle Color Change
  • Rolled-up Sleeve, Sleeving - With this technique you'll be able to sleeve coins effortlessly

Eddy Xu also joins Shin & Jeffrey to teach his favorite way to use the JT vanish, by linking a chinese coin to a string... IN MID AIR.

At an introductory price of $15, there really isn't any reason to not have this in your arsenal as a magician.

Tis the season to be sleeving.

Download 'Now You Sleeve Me' TODAY.

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  1. Zachary

    Really good download! My only problem with it is that he doesn’t put as much focus into how to do the move as I feel there should be. He talks more about applications which are really smart. Really smart method and even more fun to practice!
  2. David

    The main technique in this video is strong, and hits a beautiful midpoint between knacky and accessible. The material covered is downright fun to do. I have a number of sleeving videos, and the techniques here are distinct from anything else I have come across. And like the best magic out there, the methodology is simple and elegant.

    Taking off one star, because there is some material on the video that requires a set up, but the setup shown is not covert. As it is taught, there is no way to get into position in front of a spectator. This should have been included in the video. Otherwise, I think the video is great.
  3. Gildas

    I bought it when it came out.
    As with all sleeving techniques it's somewhat knacky however it's very well explained.
    After about 3 weeks of practice, I gave it a first try in live performance during the Christmas family gathering.
    Everybody's jaws hit the floor when I vanished a lighter.
    This is one the most deceptive and easiest sleeving techniques out there.
    In a few years, I can totally see these moves and new variation replacing the traditional sleeving that served us so well for decades.
  4. Christopher

    I watched Jeff’s Instagram videos for months and he fooled me every time. Even when I suspected sleeving, it seemed there was no possible way! Gregory Wilson was the first person I spoke to who saw Jeff perform in person… His reaction? “Absolute genius!”

    This is highly recommended. It’s likely you’ll fool yourself while practicing this move. it is utility that you will be able to integrate into your existing multi faced coin routines. Jeff also demonstrates how other objects, even a jumbo coin, can be manipulated.
  5. Summary

    12/10 I recommend. I am new to sleeving and I already have it down and ready to perform live. If you're looking to learn fast I suggest purchasing this.
  6. Isaiah

    His technique is soo clever. Even when they suspect you of sleeving you can just pull up your Sleeves and still pull off this miracle. Once mastering this it will be a big game changer. So many applications to one move it’s crazy. For the price it’s a steal. Angles aren’t bad at all if you’re experienced. The circle Vanish Is the easiest to master. If you decide to buy this Have Fun!
  7. Isaiah

    All 3 vanishes are all so clever. When the audience expects your sleeving you can still pull this miracle sleeves rolled. The amount of applications you can apply this sleight is pretty crazy. It’s definitely worth more than $15. Recommend thus to any level of magic and angles are not that bad.
  8. Joshua

    I absolutely love this, the 9 dollars was worth it, I showed the trailer to my friends and they defiantly recommended it and they saw the title, now you sleeve me and still said “how is that sleeving” the rolled sleeves are tenuous and devious. I love all the other effects, especially going though the glass and the vanishes, Turkey amazing
  9. Summary

    The move is truly amazing. Especially the JC’s a little bit difficult at first but the effect is so good
  10. Summary

    This is a quite amazing download. There are tons of creative sleeving techniques. And the applications are only limited by your imagination. Absolutely love it.