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Learning from Kranzo is like having a personal masterclass with some of the world's greatest minds in card magic. Kranzo teaches sleights and techniques by Marlo, Erdnase, James, Fuentes and others - techniques you'll want to use in other effects once you know them.

Nathan Kranzo has discovered the completely implausible, the 'white whale' of card magic; the card that can't be palmed. This is an instant ice-breaker and perfect set-up for a whole host of routines, many of which Kranzo tips in this download.

The card that can't be palmed. Finally, an effect where palming's not just 'not required' - it's impossible.

Difficulty: Beginner
Run-time: 22 minutes
Format: Download

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  1. Summary

    I think this is "necroing" a review. This trick by Mr. Kranzo was mentioned in a recent lecture I saw. So... I found it. Here. It is marvelous. And Mr. Kranzo really ensures that the watcher is given all the information needed. An excellent instructor and a great move/trick! Really nicely done and highly recommended!
  2. Summary

    I don't know if this fools people as much as it makes them laugh and amused :) It is a great opener though, really easy, and fun to perform. It is another one I practice just for fun!!

    -Mitchell Moore
  3. Summary

    Great opener and very amusing. Taught well and easy to get the hang of with a little practice.