O.C.L. By Ben Williams

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Two Rings. One Impossible Souvenir

"OCL is not a pipe dream. This is the real deal. Destined to go straight into the working repertoire of every magician. Destined to become a classic."

- Richard Sanders

From one playing card you tear two rings, each of these rings are signed. The two rings are held together, one behind the other. With one smooth motion you visually link them. No magnets, no tape, no illusions. They are actually linked.

The best part is, you can immediately hand it out for inspection. Nothing to find and perhaps the most impossible souvenir you could give out.

"The cleanest card link I've ever seen"

- Daniel Madison

For decades magicians all over the world have tried to create a method for linking two signed rings of playing cards that can then be examined. Other versions have come close but there have always been compromises.

Whether you're performing for a bride and groom at a wedding, at your local residency or just for friends at the bar; Ben goes through every detail step by step to make your performances flawless.

• Only one card is used
• No magnets
• No compromises
• Both rings are signed by the spectator before they are linked
• The link happens visually
• It can then be handed out straight away for inspection

The definitive method on linking cards. Learn OCL today.

Format: Download/Stream
Difficulty: Easy/Intermediate
Duration: 35 minutes

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  1. Jonathan

    A bit challenging making the gimmick, but after making a few you get better at it. the overview of construction could be better, but it gets the concept across. the best part of this effect is the method used to virtually hide all signs of how you linked the card rings together. all the spectator is left with is two permanently linked card rings. the payoff is in taking the time to make the gimmick correctly, then the performance is quite easy.
  2. Summary

    There is a so much of dirty work you have to do during the performance, before reaching the moment where you do the link (0:07 in the video). If the entire performance was shown, nobody would buy the effect. By dirty work I don't refer only to the tedious work fabricating the gimmick, i mean things you have to do that not all spectators would fall into.
    All of that for handing a gimmick that by the way should not be given away if you don't want to get caught.
    I would not be writing this if i would have been charged less than $10.
  3. Summary

    I expected this to be much more simpler than what it really was. You have to go through so much trouble to prep for this. But in the end, it is still a brilliant piece. It just shows to go ya how much one can really hide in such a beautiful routine.
  4. Summary

    The methodology is brilliant. The instructional video, handling, routining, and presentation -- not so much. O.C.L. has the potential to truly mess with people's brains and create wonder.

    That said, the creator REALLY needs to completely reshoot the instructional video and give some serious thought to motivated handling, natural movements, routining, and presentation that enhance the mystery rather than diminish it -- you know, the fundamentals of good magic. Sorry for sounding harsh but the haphazard, slipshod, "good enough" approach here is disappointing.

    Regarding the instructions for making the gimmick and using it in the effect -- utterly maddening. From the imprecision of the instructor's language throughout, to the absence of closeups at key points, to blocked views of critical junctures, to the seemingly unerring ability of the camera to go out of focus just when you need sharpness, the whole thing is just a confused and confusing mess. PLEASE start again and fix this.

    And PLEASE work on handling, routining, and presentation that will make it unnecessary to ramble on about origami (which O.C.L. isn't -- it's kirigami, if anything) and to distract the spectator with mind-numbingly inane tasks to try and cover handling deficiencies that could be rectified with some thought and care. P.S. Signing the frames adds nothing and only further slows things, distracts, and detracts.

    I nevertheless give O.C.L. 4 stars for its ingenious core method that rivals if not exceeds that of its closest cousin (Sixten Beme's One Card Link). O.C.L. has potential to be fantastic -- a 5-star effect if the issues addressed in this review would be resolved.

  5. Summary

    This is my extensive review of O.C.L. First off, what a brilliant mind of Ben Williams. Clever and a definite out of the box method. Not too hard to do, although it might take you some time to get it down. I've found that bicycles cards work best with this trick, newer cards the better I think.

    both pieces can be signed
    Instantly examinable
    no direct cuts in the card
    visually amazing
    Can we examined

    Even though it can be examined, someone might find out how it's done.
    It's a bit fidgety. It's not very clean at times.
    Gimmick takes around 10 minutes to make.
    You have to create a new gimmick every time.

    Overall, a good trick. I think your paying for the main method of the trick than the gimmick itself. Really fordable though!

  6. Summary

    The trick overall was pretty good, although I expected something more clean, especially for that price.
    Not satisfying in my opinion, although still the method is clever and may be worth looking at if You don't mind spending that much money.
  7. Summary

    After watching the handling and set-up over and over again, (even from an exposed view, baffled all logic.) When I finally understood the mechanics behind this one card linking effect, that's when it hit me that this was so well thought out that it is diabolically out of the box. The illusion before the card pieces melt through each other is perfect! Ben gives great presentation advise as well as suggested patter where you end clean, up to the point when the linked pieces are given out as a keep sake. As it says in the advertising: "They won't find a thing!" My kind of magic!
  8. Summary

    Ben showed me this awhile back and I was astonished back then...
    When I saw all the new stuff and thought he put on the new version i was completely blown away!
    This went straight into my working repertoire!
    That's a classic right there...
  9. Summary

    Cool effect, great Idea. It is obvious that the creator has put a lot of time into finding the right materials to use with the gimmick. If you have any experience modifying cards, the gimmick shouldn't be too hard to create. It is time consuming to make, and can not be reused. This effect takes practice, and I find that there is much that can go wrong when using a gimmick that is even a little shoddy.
    Spectators have examined the finished product for maybe 10 seconds and discovered how it works, so I don't think I would perform this on anyone I was trying to make a first impression on.
    Finally, the video quality is super amateur. There are parts where the card is out of focus for 10 whole seconds! It's like the creators were in some kind of time crunch and just really wanted this done in one take. Not the kind of content I expect to get with 20$.

    Over all, I would say this effect is average at best for it's price range. There are better tricks on Ellusionist one could spend their money on.
  10. Summary

    This is a lovely product, and it has many ups with only a few small downs. The effect looks smooth and sells over quite well. I was able to construct my first gimmick in about a half hour, and it didn't look half bad. With some more practice it does get easier to make.

    Previous reviews have stated that there is some sort of massive undertaking to create the gimmick, but the instruction is quite clear and very easy to follow. It is, however, a longer setup than one might be used to, but if you put good in you get good out.

    The ups are that it looks great, they can keep it, and after you make the gimmick the handling is not too complicated. Definitely an easy-intermediate level.

    The downside is that it does require more than one card, but it really only requires one and a halfish in which the extra half can be reused. The extra card is definitely worth it to achieve this effect.

    It is a great effect that is well worth the money and can be used for the casual and professional magician. I would most definitely recommend this product to anyone interested, but if you dislike gimmicks or non-impromptu magic, then this is not something you would probably enjoy.