One Handed Anti-Faro by Jared Crespel

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Thought you'd never be able to Anti-faro? THINK AGAIN.

Jared Crespel's One Handed Anti-faro is the next big thing in sleight-of-hand.

It gets our vote for the sickest move of the year.

Invented purely as the original Anti-faro is too hard to perfect, this variation is easy to execute and can be done in the hands, or on the table.

With some practice you'll be able get a perfect 1 for 1 separation to use in your card magic.

One for the classicists and move-monkeys alike.


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  1. Summary

    Jared showed me this a few years ago, after a week or so of practice i could do it perfectly. If you put in the effort it can work flawlessly. great move and fun to learn and practice
  2. Summary

    VERY, VERY hard to do.
  3. Summary

    As you may already know, if you know about anti-faros...this isn't for the faint of heart. It is going to take practice. I knew that before I bought it.
    With that in mind, I was disappointed by the instructions of the effect. I felt that more detail, angles, and discussion on pressure, process, and positioning could have added value.

    I don't feel like much was added to the explanation that would benefit me, and honestly, the advice seemed more about "figuring it out on your own" through trial and error than anything concrete.

    I mean - if I shot a card in the air and caught it in my back pocket...I am not sure anyone would pay to be left with the feeling of - do it until you get it, without some solid tips.

    That being said - there are a few valued tips, and knowing it took the creator so long to get it down means this may not be a fair review until 2019. I guess I was hoping that the download could trim some time off my trial and error...with already knowing this was going to be something I would have to dedicate 10,000 hours into.

    Not bad - just needed a little more production or information value.
  4. Summary

    The move is amazing . Had the opportunity to watch it live in person when jared showed it to me a few years back .Never believed it would be possible to do the anti-faro in a manner which doesn't require to destroy your cards but here we are, great move !!!!!! Buy. Buy. Buy.