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PH is an instagram magician. Someone who's gained incredible notoriety for his outlandish visual creations.

Ophen is his debut release on Ellusionist and helps you transform your box into a potent utility device.

The most un-assuming object in your pocket becomes your most powerful accomplice in magic.

Real world practicality with instagram-style visuals.

Taught on this DVD is an array of visual eye-candy that lets you unhinge the jaws of spectators.

- Move permanent ink
- Produce & Vanish objects
- Tear and restore cards
- Perform hands-off revelations.

Everything you need is provided in this package. Giving you instant power to perform these visuals within minutes of opening.

Your audience expects a card trick. A box trick is a Sucker Punch.

Let the box do the work.

Get Ophen TODAY.

Format: DVD
Difficulty: Easy

Customer Reviews

  • by Jeff

    Jan 2018

    This trick is very genius, the gimmick is very easy to make and it takes only a couple minutes, it is a very visual trick that can fool anyone, the only problem I had was that since you are writing on the box, it doesn’t come off, so if you want to do a different effect with it you have to make a totally new gimmick, but other than that it is an awesome trick and I totally recommend it

  • by Cullen Scism

    Oct 2016

    I absolutely love this product and it was worth every penny! Here are my pros and cons:

    -Well made DVD that contains English subs (those of which are easy to follow)
    -Extremely visual and stunning trick
    -Gimmick is completely customizeable (you make it!)
    - Easy gimmick to make (You can make one in under five minutes)
    -This absolutely fries people

    -Not examinable (except the bit I mentioned earlier)
    -The angles are limited (this can be overcome in practice)

  • by Ingyu Jeong

    Oct 2016

    100% honest review,

    This trick worth its money and it is visual BUT it has some downside on it. 'It is not examinable' 'It has LIMITED amount of gimmick' I do not know any where else to get the materials for gimmick. I looked this up on online, but it is not the same thing. He should have put more gimmick with it... "It is not silent.' In my opinion, it is loud to perform it. even with a back noise. You can make it more silence but it will lose it's point, which is visualness.

    There so many downsides than good.
    But it still worth its price because you can apply this in anywhere.